Steve Chittock

Yes, I do understand that stuff does happen

To respond to the letter to the editor on June 16 ("To those who criticize public assistance, stuff happens"), yes, I do understand that stuff does happen. If you did read my whole statement, you would agree.

I said that most, not all welfare recipients, use drugs. So, in your case you wouldn't mind submitting to a drug test to receive your welfare and food stamps.

There are a few working people that actually work, unlike a large group of welfare recipients that do not work. I believe in the saying "you don't getandensp;something for nothing." I believe that we should also be a "right to work state" like Nevada. There isn't public assistance in Nevada. You either make it or you move.

Also, I think that the senators need to take a big cut on their income. If you can't survive on $100,000 a year you have big problems. If they all took pay cuts we could save a lot of money and get us out of this big mess that our " Governator," past and present presidents have got us in.

Sorry for your misunderstanding Sarah, I hope this clarified my past letter.

Lisa Camarena

Crescent City

Thanks to Sheriff's Dept. for finding stolen motorcycle

I would like to say thank you and job well done to the Del Norte Sheriff's Department and thank the Lord for the answered prayer.

My garage, which is connected to my house, was broken into in the middle of the night while my son and I were sleeping and my husband's motorcycle was taken. I contacted the sheriff's department that morning and Deputy Henderson was quick to respond. He took the information I had and put my husband's motorcycle into NCIC (FBI National Crime Information Center).

Shortly after Deputy Perry responded to a house to serve an eviction notice, and when securing the property, there was my husband's motorcycle parked in the middle of a bedroom. He thought it was "fishy" that a motorcycle was in the middle of the bedroom, so he ran it to find out if it was stolen. With the Lord setting the series of events into motion and the deputy's quick response I had my husband's motorcycle back before the end of the day. I just have to say that Del Norte Sheriff's Department, you rock!

Katrina Durbin

Crescent City