Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Housing enemy combatants not an 'economic opportunity'

In a June 16 letter ("Guantanamo inmates could be moved to Del Norte County"), Felice Pace accurately suggests that neither politicians nor bureaucrats have a very good handle on how to enhance economic development in Del Norte County. It is as true here in Del Norte County as it is true in Washington, D.C. It is the business sector and the individual entrepreneurial spirit that bring economic opportunities to fruition.

But what does importing Guantanamo Bay inmates into Del Norte County have to do with building economic opportunities? Prosecuting them in the U.S. will allow everyone to know exactly where they are being held, including their brother jihadists. I am not concerned with enemy combatants' secure detainment. I am more concerned about the surrounding communities, our children and our families and putting them in harm's way with good reason.

With all due respect, "Putting Del Norte County on the map" as a home for enemy combatants, who were removed from a battle-field in a foreign country that many of them didn't even call home is not what I consider the "economic opportunity" that Ms. Pace suggests in her letter. Gitmo inmates were not detained for jay-walking, cheating on their taxes or passing bad checks.

A majority were reportedly fighting, or actively supporting, a killing war against a country's right to peacefully existence. These enemy combatants justify their actions upon a radical and perverted interpretation of their peaceful religion. Their leader's perversion actually encourages radical followers to strap on explosives, stand in a public place and proceed to blow themselves up along with anyone else standing around. They don't seem interested in the concept of working out peaceful compromises through intelligent dialogue with infidel non-believers.

I too live in Klamath and I see no positive or rational reason why a foreign enemy combatant should be brought to a location in Del Norte County (or the United States) that is much less secure than the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba with its "no walk up policy" - enforced by well trained, well armed United States Marines.

Paul Crandall


Lawmakers need to protect all Californians

We all know the recession has hit California hard and our state budget is reeling.

But it will only stunt California's recovery to drain $24 billion from the state's economy, as the governor's latest budget proposes.

What's more, it will be harder for struggling Californians to get back on their feet because the cuts target the sick, the poor and the elderly andndash; those who need the most help during these tough economic times.

Sadly, the governor's latest budget proposal would shred California's safety net. And obstructionist Republican lawmakers would rather defend tax breaks for oil companies and big business than keep kids insured and allow the frail elderly to remain in their homes.

Lawmakers need to protect all Californians, stop the severe cuts and pass a sensible budget that includes new revenue.

Donald Johnson

Crescent City

It is so nice to live in an area that supports scouting

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Dr. Jim Morrow, Karen Morrow MSN/FNP, and the wonderful staff of Crescent City Family Practice for their support of Troop 10, Boy Scouts of America.

Recently Troop 10 registered for summer camp and needed physicals for all of the scouts and adult leaders. Dr. Jim, Karen, and the staff graciously volunteered to come in on a Saturday and donate their time to perform the physicals free of charge for my troop. In the process of doing the physicals, some potentially serious health issues were discovered that may have otherwise gone untreated.

As an Eagle Scout and member of Order of the Arrow, Dr. Jim certainly lives by the scout slogan "do a good turn daily."

Much thanks to Dr. Jim, Karen and all the fantastic staff at Crescent City Family Practice. It is so nice to live in an area that supports its youth and scouting!

Jeff Napier

Scoutmaster Troop 10 Boy Scouts

Crescent City

The City must reject the CCC's desired changes

"The sea is rising, the sea is rising." Over the next millennium the sea may rise 100 feet or more; therefore we must force all new buildings to be above the 110-foot elevation.

Crescent City must reject the climate change ideology foisted upon it by the California Coastal Commission. We cannot negotiate about 6 feet of change in sea level while there continues to be rigorous debate and widespread disagreement about the reality of climate change.

The CCC was originally created to protect public access to beaches, and has long overreached this original purpose. Apparently the CCC is now interested in spot zoning to advance specific projects, a task normally reserved for the local municipality.

The very powerful CCC is trying to initiate what will be a coast-wide policy by bullying one of the smallest, poorest and least populated counties in the state. Crescent City cannot continue to accept new and endless unfunded demands from various state and federal agencies; it must push back and reject the bureaucratic overreaching. Flooding is a local problem that should be addressed locally by locally elected people, not dictated to all of us by outsiders who do not have our best interests at heart.

The City must reject the CCC's desired changes to the local coastal program and be prepared to fight to maintain the City's sovereignty. What is the CCC going to do? Sue the city, arrange a blue ribbon commission to study what to do next, condemn all coastal property and take it over. Negotiation with a dictatorial governmental agency is not an acceptable option. The city must take back local control. The city must rise to the challenge and see that negotiation is no longer an option.

Joe Nathan Albertson

Crescent City