Steve Chittock

Strongly disagrees with assertion in previous letter

In Joe Nathan Albertson's June 20 letter ("The city must reject the CCC's desired changes"), he alleges that the issue of whether climate change will lead to a rise in sea level is still having "rigorous debate and widespread disagreement." I strongly disagree with his assertion.

The only debate and disagreement among a vast majority of scientists is not if but how much and how soon. An overwhelming number of scientists worldwide are increasingly in agreement that climate change and global warming is real and contributing to the accelerating melting of the polar ice caps and raising sea levels. Ample scientific evidence is provided in this month's Discover magazine article "The Big Heat," an interview of four leading climate experts who preview "what a warmer world will be like and what we must do to avert a humanitarian and economic disaster."

Mr. Albertson implies that the California Coastal Commission has no business telling the city to adopt policy standards that prohibit building below a specified sea level. He says these issues should be "left up to the local municipality."

Perhaps if the proposed regulatory changes to be considered had been in place in 2007, Crescent City would not be building a state-of-the-art wastewater plant on the waterfront, on a known flood plain at an average height of 12.5 feet above sea level, in close proximity to the proposed condominium project in question.

Do we have such a short memory that we don't remember that the 1964 tsunami flooded the site where the waste water plant is currently located? Is the Crescent City Water/Sewer Department planning to require that employees be certified in SCUBA diving in the future?

Grover S. Drengson

Crescent City

If it's going to cost $22.5M how can it be free?

In Kurt Madar's front page story Saturday, he states in the first paragraph, "The Crescent City Harbor's boat basin is getting a 22.5 million-dollar renovation for free."

The statement baffled me. If it's going to cost $22.5 million, how can it be free? Is it possible the reporter doesn't realize federal and state funds come from taxes paid by working people like himself? Or was it just a typo?

Evelyn Cook

Crescent City