Steve Chittock

I find editorial cartoon policy extremely biased, offensive

Like many other readers, I also enjoyed reading the comics page and now miss the comics which have been dropped, especially Dilbert. However, I do understand the need to cut back and reduce costs. Newspapers are failing nationwide and we must make a few sacrifices tosave our own little local paper.

However, what about the editorial cartoons which appear on the Opinion page, for example, the very large anti-smoking cartoon in the Triplicate of June 16 and several previous anti-gun cartoons?Is the one-sided propaganda onthese issuessupplied free to the newspaper?Who pays for them? Who selects them to be printed? Does theoffensive bias of those selected for publication in any way express the personalbias of the newspaper owner, publisher, or editor?

I realize that the word "opinion" printed at the top of the page clearly describes the purpose of the page. I certainly do not mean to dispute the right of newspaper owners or editors to use their paper to express their own personal opinions. That is the essence of a free press. However, I do resent being asked to give up the comics that I enjoy while still being asked to pay for an editorial cartoon policy which I find to be extremely biased, unbalanced and offensive.

John Cupp

Smith River

Editor's note: To read a column about The Triplicate's use of editorial cartoons, go to and insert "cartoonstricky" in the search field.

If you care about keeping parks open, call state Sen. Aanestad

By now most of you are aware of the governor's threat to close down all of the state parks on California's North Coast.

What you may not realize is that Del Norte County's state Sen. Sam Aanestad is one of only a few deciding votes that will either save our parks and our local economy, or allow them to close, along with most state services for the neediest among us, including Health Families, CalWorks, and many programs for the disabled and for seniors.

So if you care about keeping the parks open and/or if you care about these programs, then you need to pick up the phone and start calling Sen. Aanestad: (916) 651-4004 as well as sending a fax: (916) 445-7750 and writing a letter: State Capitol, Room 3063 Sacramento, CA 95814 and sending an email c/o his Web site:

Then, ask your friends and neighbors to also contact the senator and keep calling until he commits to protecting the North Coast!

Richard W. Salzman