Steve Chittock

Culverts under causeway would help flush out harbor, reduce silt

Crescent City Harbor sea life and silting problems are manmade. If the harbor traps about 110,000 cubic feet of sand every year with only 5,000 yards a year removed through dredging, the harbor bay would be a large mudflat.

The basic problem is lack of flow to flush much more water and silt with each tide. Cheapest solution? Install large-diameter culvert pipes under the existing causeway to Whalers Island. The causeway, parking lot, restrooms and launching ramp would not be changed. Install two or three large pipes at a time with a temporary portable "bridge" to allow traffic to the boat ramp and Coast Guard station.

Tidal flow would flush much more of the bay over time, restoring much of the sea life, water clarity and quality. The impact of tsunami surges would also be reduced with an outlet to reduce surge height.

Good project for the local schools to build a scale replica of the bay and prove the concept. Who pays? The feds have trillions. Let's use it!

Bob Douglas

Smith River

Thanks to city for Elk Creek bridge, trail improvements

Thanks Crescent City for the new Elk Creek bridge and trail improvements!

Thanks also to Triplicate photographer Bryant Anderson for his astounding images! Our community is lucky to have an artist of his caliber capturing moments in our neck of the woods.

Sarah Hundley

Crescent City

Smith River Fire Dept., EMTs, ER staff took great care of me

Recently I had occasion to call 911 before 5 a.m.

The ambulance had to travel from Crescent City. Very shortly after my call, seven members of the Smith River Fire Department arrived, took personal care of me until the ambulance's arrival. The ambulance EMT took very good care of me. The ER personnel staff went way beyond its job to make sure that I was diagnosed correctly and carefully cared for. Brenda even went to the lunchroom to get my husband fresh coffee since there was none made in the ER.

All of our "visits" to Sutter Coast have been made less stressful because of the loving care of their staff.

Since then my husband had successful eye surgery there.His care while there and at Pacific Vision pre-op and post-op was also less stressful because of the loving care of all the concerned staff.

Glad to be back here.

Arlene Knecht

Smith River

Police chief thinks he can invade someone's civil rights with dogs

Hello Crescent City, are you all your own sovereign nation? Where civil rights are just words? Good Lord, the police chief now thinks he can invade someone's civil rights by taking drug dogs and sniffing around people's properties?

Where is the reasonable suspicion or probable cause? What next? Drag people out of their beds at night and take them to jail because they are the law and they can?

Police Chief Doug Plack states there is no other municipality that does that. Hmm, why do you think that is? Oh let me guess, is it because it is illegal? It violates the 4th amendment in every manner imaginable.

What if the property is rented? Regardless that you get a consent from the landlord, you are not necessarily getting a consent from the people who live in the home, thus you would be illegally searching and seizing the residence. Any evidence found would be suppressed and if District Attorney Mike Riese doesn't understand the simplicity of that, then the people of Crescent City should reconsider voting for a new district attorney who actually knows the law.

Hey Chief Plack keep up the good work. The City Council members and Board of Supervisors enjoy getting lawsuits filed against the city and county.

Linda Sutter

Crescent City