Steve Chittock

Tourism appears to be alive and well in Del Norte County

I am happy to report that tourism is alive and well in Del Norte County.

My husband and I enjoyed a fabulous meal at the Beachcomber restaurant Wednesday night to celebrate his birthday. The parking lot boasted vehicles with license plates from Pennsylvania, Washington state (two), Oregon (three), Michigan and British Columbia. A large party from Norway was seated near us, as well as a couple from San Francisco who had just driven into town.

I commented on this phenomena to the proprietor of the Beachcomber. He told us that on any given night there are usually tourists from four or five different countries! Let's keep our parks and Visitor Center open. We are on the map!

Let's also support our fishermen and our harbor so that we can continue to enjoy fresh fish in our local restaurants.

Susan Reaves

Crescent City

Thanks to C.C. Convalescent Hospital, Redwood Memorial Care

This is the second letter of gratitude I need to extend. The first issued my thanks to the Sutter Coast Hospital's med unit and Emergency Room.

Now I wish to commend the local nursing home, Crescent City Convalescent Hospital. My mother spent her last days there and everyone involved in her care was wonderful, so caring and respectful. I could not have asked for anything more!

Also, I wish to compliment Redwood Memorial Care. When I went to make Mom's final arrangements, I was welcomed into a very pleasant atmosphere by owner Jeannine Barnard. I was treated with a caring affection and real understanding and empathy. Redwood Memorial was so much more relaxed and hospitable than the usual mortuary atmosphere!

Thank you one and all. I am at peace!

Donna Lanz

Crescent City