Steve Chittock

Contact senators now before they start work on cap and trade bill

Ready for higher energy prices? Thanks to the Cap and Trade bill, we can now look forward to $5 a gallon gas and triple the cost for our electric bills.

Thanks Mike Thompson for your support and for voting for this bill. You guys in D.C. finally listened to the Congressional Budget Office for a change and decided it was right in regards to how much this would cost the average person, around $175 a year. But of course the CBO was totally wrong about what the Stimulus Bill and Omnibus Bill would cost. Tell me, how does that work again? It is right when it suits you but wrong when it suits the voters?

Folks we are about to be hit with the largest tax increase in U.S. history. So much for "No additional taxes for 95 percent of Americans."

There are 13,000 scientists who have signed a petition saying global warming is not being caused by humans and over 9,000 of them have at least Ph.Ds. It has been sent to our president and yet he ignores it. And yet everyone listens to him and Al Gore. What science degrees do they have again?

Our representatives in D.C. tell us we must become energy independent from "Mideast oil" and that the American oil companies are evil. And yet we sit on billions of gallons of oil and natural gas because Congress is too afraid to fight with the Sierra Club and other such organizations and allow us to drill for our own oil.

What about nuclear energy? And the notion that, "Well it will take 10 years to get the nuclear plants and oil rigs running enough before we see any results"? Well then don't you think we should get started now and not wait another 10 years? What will be their excuse in 10 years?

Come on Congress. You work for us and not the other way around. Stop voting for things that you think will get you re-elected and start voting for things that we the people want. We need to start contacting our senators now before they start working on the Cap and Trade bill. Because if we don't they will slip a 1,500-page document by us without reading it that is going to cost this country billions of dollars and millions of jobs.

Dean Clawson

Crescent City

Triplicate wrong to say Trees of Mystery is 'north of Klamath'

The Triplicate seems to see the world differently than the rest of us. First it describes people in their 50s as "elderly" and in the editor's recent description of his trip to The Trees of Mystery he stated that The Trees of Mystery was "north of Klamath."

Well, in my 22 years in Klamath it was always in Klamath so I thought maybe it had moved since the last time I was there. But no, The sign on 101 showing where Klamath begins is still located several hundred yards north of the "Trees."

If the sign is mislocated, then it is too far south since the American Youth Hostel and the other residents at Wilson Creek have Klamath postal addresses and consider themselves residents of Klamath.

Don Stewart


Thanks to Grand Jury, Triplicate, Westfall for highlighting concerns

Saturday morning's article on the Grand Jury report ("New sewer plant questions") was gratifying - both because it raised questions about the public's business and how well it had been conducted, and perhaps it highlighted as well the fact that we as citizens need an open and honest leadership so that the people we elect to manage our public business do so with honesty and integrity.

I was a little disappointed there was no mention in the Trip article, giving recognition to Councilwoman Donna Westfall's struggle to get us to pay attention to the long developing sewer project and perhaps to other matters as well. Seems to me that she saw something not right and was ridiculed when she worked to get what seemed wrong more widely recognized.

Many seemed to give Councilwoman Westfall nothing but hostility and criticism for her efforts to bring attention to her questions. Her decision to seek a recall of some fellow Council members may have been only a ploy, but what does one do when almost everyone else says, "Shut up and go away," but one feels a duty to stay and fight.

It took a lot for to get people to hear her pleas for attention to the subjects she thought not rightly regarded - after all her concerns, right or wrong, needed attention. Now the Grand Jury has highlighted and given strong recognition to her concerns.

Thanks to The Triplicate, to the Grand Jury and to Donna Westfall -the lady has guts and doesn't give up.

Walt Morse

Crescent City

Klamath FIre/Rescue volunteer thanks Cal Fire for training

My husband and I recently joined the Klamath Volunteer Fire/Rescue and I would like to thank Cal Fire for its support and willingness to help us get trained.

We greatly appreciate having them here to help us get ready to respond to a crisis within our community. I have to give them many props for their dedication and for being there to assist our community. Special thanks to captains Dale and Todd for sharing their knowledge and crews.

Training and acquiring the skills it takes to be a rescuer takes a lot of dedication and hard work so thank you, too, to all those people who stepped up in the Klamath community and thank you to all other agencies who are supporting us with their training and/or sharing of knowledge.

Special thanks to our chief, Labecca Nessier, for keeping our community safe!

Ruby Grubbs


Traveler impressed by many things in Del Norte County

I am impressed with Crescent City in general and, specifically, with the two young ladies that recently received their high school diploma and AA at the same time (a third about to join them.andensp;These) young adultsandensp;are wonderful role models for their peers.

The access provided to your readership to have theirandensp;letters publishedandensp;(rebuttals, too) is healthy and shows an engaged citizenry.andensp;My husband, a lawyer, wasandensp;impressedandensp;theandensp;Del Norte County Grand Jury report was published in your paper on June 20.andensp;

While these are public documents, not many papers truly serve the public by providing thisandensp;service.andensp;Now, that is providing real transparency.

Finally, as a visitor from Sacramento to your wonderful city, my husband, grandchildren, and Iandensp;enjoyed our stay, in what I consider to be the best-kept secret in California: the Hampton Inn.andensp;The location and view are to die for, and the staff most helpful.

With this wonderful hospitality having been shown to us, weandensp;will come back. Adios, but not goodbye!

Florencia Hernandez