Steve Chittock

'Perfect storm' of liberals, unions ruining America's economy

America has entered a political "perfect storm." I believe there are four divisions that make up this "perfect storm."

First we have an ultra-liberal president.

Second, the Senate and House of Repandshy;resentatives, controlled by ultra-liberal Democrats, Reid and Pelosi respectively, along with President Obama, want to change America into a federal government-run nation. Some examples include Chrysler and General Motors now mostly owned by the United Autoworkers (probable payback to the union for its support in electing Obama president) and the federal government.

What President Obama should have done is just give each taxpaying citizen $4,000-$5,000 and let us spend the money. We could be out of this recession now and the taxes collected would off-set most of the cost.

The third part of this "perfect storm" includes the news media and entertainment industry that have openly endorsed President Obama and kept silent about his shortcomings. We have the "mainstream" television companies: ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, all unabashedly for President Obama. Most entertainers are vocal in their endorsement for any liberal candidate and usually disparage all Republicans.

The final part involves the unions taking members' dues and diverting them into a political slush fund to elect liberals. Now President Obama is paying back the auto unions by giving them preference over bond holders in two American auto companies: GM and Chrysler. Unions have had a large part in bankrupting both companies. The unions now want the federal government to take away employees' secret ballots so they can coerce employees into unionizing even if they do not want to.

Teachers' unions oppose school choice, as they have in Washington, D.C., forcing Congress to discontinue a very successful program that has the support of the parents and children. When the program runs out in October, no more funds will be available and all students will have to stay in their old under-achieving schools.

That is how liberalism and unions work: less efficiency, more time off, greater pay and more benefits. Unions helped kill our auto industry and they will be a big part in ruining the rest of America.

President Obama should be lowering taxes, both corporate and personal; change the tax code by making it simpler with no deductions; and have everyone pay their fair share of taxes. This would help return America to the economic powerhouse we used to be.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City