Steve Chittock

Chamber dropped the ball by failing to sponsor 4th of July run

Our Chamber of Commerce dropped the ball big time by failing to sponsor the annual 4th of July Parade Run.

Instead of working with Ralph Hirt, who has organized the race since its inception years ago, the Chamber's executive director and its board refused to sponsor the race. When I asked the executive director "why," I received the answer that bureaucracies usually offer up when they fail to exercise positive leadership:andensp;It had never done it before. Good thing the inventors of wheels didn't feel that way.

The facts are simple. Our community owes a lot to Ralph Hirt who has, with the help of hisandensp;family and friends, put together an event that has attracted people from within and outside our community toandensp;the annual Fourth of July celebration.

The Triplicate has always covered the event well and would sometimes include race photos on its front page. For as many years as I can remember, Ralph and other volunteers picked up the lion's share of work. The Chamber has not been asked to staff the race - only to support and sponsor.andensp;This joint effort has helped to ensure year after year of success.

This year when Ralph once again approached the Chamber for help and was turned away. There was no effort on the Chamber's part to find a way to figure out a way to say "yes" to keeping the race and support local volunteerism. At a time when the Chamber ought to be doing everything it can to support events that bring people to our community, it exhibited a singular lack of leadership and entrepreneurship. Isn't that what good businesses should try to do?

Let's get it right next year and make sure this long-standing and unique tradition once again becomes part of the Crescent City Fourth of July experience.

I'm sure there's a way for the Chamber,which has done a lot of good work for our community, to support Ralph and once again make the Parade Run the success it has been for probably 20 years or more.

James R.andensp;Brown

Crescent City

Let's limit the noise to the Fourth and give a fine to those who don't

While in line at Safeway, a customer asked, "Who has the best fireworks display, Crescent City or Brookings?" Of course we said Crescent City. He immediately replied, "How can this town afford it?"

Our town shows poorly with our potholes in the major streets, no beautiful landscape as you come into town from the north and all the derelict homes and yards along Highway 101, Fifth Street, A Street and Northcrest Drive.

He must have thought we should be spending that fireworks money on street maintenance and "blight control."

I must agree. Fourths in the past have been frightening free-for-alls. The popping starts weeks before and lasts weeks after. The people that can't afford to feed their kids can afford these obnoxious firecrackers. Let's limit the noise to the Fourth only, and give a hefty fine to those who don't.

Velma Rinehart

Crescent City

Show a little respect toward the Crescent City Police Department

Regarding Linda Sutter's letter ("Police chief thinks he can invade someone's civil rights with dogs," June 25), there is always a legal process to go through before the chief can do a new program like he is starting now. The chief first goes to the City Council and then to the city attorney to check the legality of his project. Once past that hurdle, he is free to implement his new ideas.

Remember, if you rent out your house and the folks living there turn out to be heavy drug offenders, when they get arrested, you could lose your house. Still think it's a bad idea for a owner to have his property checked?

I must say that as a neighbor, I would welcome the dogs to sniff about our places. If someone here is doing drugs, lets get them out now before some of their friends decide to rob us for goodies to sell to further their drug habit.

The letter from Richard Cain ("Drug dog program meant to help youth, not arrest them," June 30) explained the system quite well.

Perhaps if critics would try and support the Police Department instead of trying to tear it apart, things would get done with a greater degree of smoothness. Show a little respect toward the department and the uniforms that work there and to the folks who work there in streetclothes.

Bill Turck

Crescent City