Steve Chittock

Need to find ways to fix existing problems, not cause new ones

Instead of another anti-smoking law beyond what the state already has, why another one to chase people away from Crescent City? Another money maker? Why not ban all alcohol in the county or tax it at rates equal to tobacco? Keep making silly new laws. Signs, enforcement, prosecution and management will cost far more than fines collected. Keep inventing new ways to chase off people to Brookings. They like us! How about a law to fill potholes within 48 hours? That's what tourists remember most. The city should be ashamed of Front Street and Pebble Beach Drive, a good example of how much they care about tourist money. Find ways to fix existing problems, not cause new ones.

Bob Douglas

Smith River

Thanks to those who helped woman who broke her ankle

Last month I had an accident at home and broke my ankle. I was fortunate to get the immediate response of the Gasquet Volunteer Medical response team. The Del Norte Ambulance Service transported me to the Sutter Coast emergency room and the Cal-Ore Life Flight team took me to Medford for surgery. This journey for me was medical networking at its best. I'm very grateful to this team effort for helping me. I also want to thank my good neighbors for their concern and support.

Diana Hartman


What Crescent City police chief is trying to do is criminal

In response to Mr. Turck's letter to the editor ("Show a little respect toward the Crescent City Police Department," July 8), first off, the city does not have an attorney, they contract out to Mr. Black, who only tells the City Council what they want to hear.

Secondly, in order for an owner's house to be taken away the owner has to be made aware that his tenants are selling drugs from the rental property. If the owner continues to allow the drugs to be sold from the property, then the owner runs the risk of losing the house because he is allowing it to be utilized to sell drugs. If the owner of the rental discovers there are drugs in the house, he needs to bring it to the attention of the police so that they can place the house under surveillance. Once the drug task force determines the house is being utilized for drugs, a search warrant can be issued.

However, if you think it is legal to have the owner of the property sign a consent form that could possibly be vindictive or frivolous only to invade a person's property on a whim, you are mistaken. When you rent your property, it does not give you the right to invade that person's privacy.

What the police chief is trying to do is criminal and Del Norte County will be tied up in lawsuits for unlawful searches and seizures. But then I expect reading about unlawfulness from Crescent City - it is north of the Klamath River. Perhaps critics will support the police department when they get a commander and chief who has integrity, honesty and fortitude and is worthy of the people supporting him, however, that certainly is not Police Chief Plack.

Linda Sutter

Crescent City

Ex-smokers seem to complain the most about others who smoke

If it makes a person happy to sit in a park, read and smoke his pipe, who is he offending?

The guy at the end of the bar in the fatigue jacket sitting alone thinking about the comrades he lost in Vietnam Iraq or Iran - what does he matter?

Ex-smokers seem to complain the most about others who smoke. Don't they remember what it was like to have a cigarette in the morning with a hot cup of coffee?

Members of the City Council should approach other matters that need their attention, not take away one of the few pleasures that are legal in this so-called free world.

A lot of us are wondering where these lawmakers came from and where the America we knew went.

Raymond Webster

Crescent City