Steve Chittock

Not sure why Crescent City is now looking at a smoking ban

California has had a smoking ban for some time now, so I am not sure why Crescent City is just now deciding on what to do since, as far as I know, the laws were originally put into effect a few years back to ban any smoking inside a building that has workers and have been upgraded as recently as this January with no smoking in a vehicle if a child under 18 is present.andensp;

But for the sake of argument, I would like to suggest one thing in case Crescent City is in fact setting up their own policy against smoking.andensp;My only suggestion is that instead of making it 100 percent unlawful to smoke on public beaches, give smokers a certain distance to stay away from anyone else on the beach or give them their own "smokers" beach downwind from the others. This way everyone can enjoy the beach as they have a right to, even though smokers will be segregated, but that is better than not being able to be there at all, as I know plenty of people who do not go anywhere where they can't smoke, which could prove to be costly to Crescent City's tourism capital.

Then in off months why not just keep the distance rule as I often go to the beach in the off-season and there is rarely another soul there. So if no one is there to be offended, then why shouldn't a person be able to enjoy a legal means to reduce stress, as that is why most folks smoke? As an incentive toward not littering the beaches with cigarette butts, if you make the first fine high enough and enforce it, people will know the city is serious about this, and in return smokers will keep the beaches clean rather than risk a $200 fine for one cigarette butt carelessly left in the sand. Obviously my plan is not perfect but it is a compromise and a compromise would really be appreciated.

That's all I have to say now since it is time to head off to Nevada for my afternoon smoke.

D. Martinelli

Crescent City

Start making these druggies, felons and deadbeats work

Once again, the working people that just need a boost get punished for getting hurt at work.

My sister got hurt at work two months ago and was receiving assistance from the state because she felt that working was the right thing to do to help out. Unlike those who just have more kids to get welfare, she has ended her childbearing years far too early because she feels that she shouldn't burden the state with one more mouth to feed while she is on assistance.

This girl works part time, takes care of her husband and home schools her oldest daughter. Now she needs a little help and they cut her assistance by $400 a month. What she gets doesn't even pay the rent.

Why should she have to suffer when she knows one girl who spends her welfare check on drugs and another that just had a kid so she didn't have to work. Is that fair? Her kids have to suffer but these other people live well?

As soon as she heals up, she will be back to work full force. I know my sister. She works like a dog for very little recognition. She wants to go to college but Workforce won't help her because she hasn't comitted a crime. She has asked and they have shot her down every time. She wants to better herself but can't because the druggies and felons take up all the resources. Start making these druggies, felons and deadbeats work so my sister can catch a break.

Jordyn Dumah

Crescent City

God promised Israel the land as an everlasting covenant

When I have a problem with my car, I have found it is a good policy to check out the owner's manual to try and determine the cause of the problem.

Today, America and mankind is faced with some gigantic, seemingly unsolvable problems, so maybe it's a good time for us to read over our owner's manuals for some answers concerning the causes of our problems.

Since 1991 America has been suffering from the effects of devastating weather related catastrophes, financial and housing crashes that seem to yearly increase in intensity. It's almost as if we are being challenged and warned to change our behavior or else.

During these years America has suffered from the "Perfect Storm" in 1991, next came hurricane Andrew which ravaged Florida. Later came drought and out of control wild fires in our western states and record tornadoes in the midwest. Then we all remember Katrina, the granddaddy of all hurricanes. All of these natural disasters were bad enough. Add to them 9/11 terrorist attacks followed by our ongoing financial crisis and the collapse of our housing markets, which is causing widespread unemployment.

It's become increasingly obvious that our country is in big trouble. Our leaders and policy makers are making every effort to solve our problems, but unfortunately they seem to be unable to unite and agree on solutions.

Since 1991, America has been putting increasing pressure on the sovereign nation of Israel to give up land for peace. We forced Israel to give up the Gaza Strip with disastrous results and now our president along with the United Nations and the Islamic nations and even the pope are pressuring Israel to agree to a two-state division of the land and a divided city of Jerusalem.

I believe that this is a big mistake because our creator warns us that "he who touches Israel touches the apple of god's eye." Also, God promises to bless those who bless Israel and those who curse Israel. Over and over again history has proven that this is true. When we go back and read our owner's manual, we learned that God promised Israel the land as an everlasting covenant. God claims Jerusalem as his holy city, so America is wrong in not supporting Israel's sovereignty.

Warren Webb

Crescent City