Steve Chittock

Thanks to those who helped in the care of family member

I am taking this opportunity right now to thank the many people in our community for all their hard work, care, compassion and love they gave to my brother, Paul Wilson. He lost his battle for life on July 14. His young heart of age 57 could no longer make another beat.

First of all there is the Wellness Center with Dr. Pearson and his staff. Dr. Pearson was wonderful with Paul. He donated his old electric wheelchair for Paul to use so he could get about a little easier. We will donate that to some other needy person as Dr. Pearson has asked. Thank you all.

Then, we have Sutter Home Health Services. Nurses came to his home as many as three to five times a week. The one that stands out the most is Phillis. She was there the most. Very caring, very eager to teach and answer any questions we had for her. Thank you so much.

After that, there's Del Norte Ambulance Service and Crescent City Fire and Rescue Department. Thank you for always being there so fast when we needed you, whether it was to rush to the hospital or just to help with a team lift. It means a lot to us.

Now most of all, to thank our Sutter Coast Hospital emergency room people - you guys are all awesome. You were all so caring for him each and every time we had to take him there. And that was at least every two to three months for three years. Dr. Walt; Dr. Sheik; nurses: Sam, Brenda and numerous others, thank you. God bless each and every one of you.

Jean Bruhy

Crescent City

Do we really want government to run everyone's health care?

In answer to Molly Eichar's letter ("Former local resident pays $54 for health care in Canada," July 11),andensp;I'm a proud American citizen who happens to have been born in Canada and whose elderly parents still live there, and I can give you many reasons for not having socialized medicine.

In British Columbia, where my elderly parents live, the $54 per month per person sounds great, only Eichar left out a couple of things, like 12 percent "value added tax" (five percent B.C. and seven percent federal) to help pay for health care. This is on top of all the other taxes (income, property, vehicle, etc.), co-payments for prescriptions that keep rising, seriously overcrowded hospitals and long waits, in some cases for years, awaiting surgery. My 90-year-old mother waited 11 months for cataract surgery after she was put on the list.andensp;

A few months ago my 88-year-old father had a stroke and spent four days in the hospital on a gurney in the hallway. He was not alone. There were others in the hallways along with him. On two previous occasions my 88andndash;90-year-old mother spent days in the hallway at the hospital because there was no room.

To top this all off, a number of years ago we were visiting my parents and the doctors went out on strike for more wages. One man who had been scheduled for back surgery during the strike had to go back to the end of the line and start all over working his way up to surgery because his surgery date came and went. He spent the strike time lying in his floor as that was the only place he could get relief for his pain. He had been there for a number of months prior to the strike on the floor and would be there until he could get his problem corrected.andensp;

During the strike there was one hospital and doctor within a 100-mile radius. Is this really what we want or need for our great country - mountains of taxes with medical care and surgery on the government whim? The government can't run Medicare, which is rampant with waste and fraud. Do you really want them to run all the health care? I think not!

Gay McWhirter

Crescent City

Appreciation for all who helped with 'Rally for the Cure' event

The Del Norte Women's Golf Club would like to thank Elk Valley Rancheria, Lucky 7 Casino, Rumiano Cheese Company and Sutter Coast Hospital for sponsoring our "Rally for the Cure" at the Del Norte Golf Course on July 11.andensp;We'd also like to thank Stacy McLaughlin, new manager at the golf course, for all of his help and encouragement in running the ladies' tournament, and Kirk Burrows, Chris Rice and Gary Parkhurst for conducting the clinics for the tourney participants.andensp;Without the enthusiasm and participation of the wonderful lady golfers of the Del Norte County area, the tournament could not have been the wonderful success it was. Many thanks to all of you.

Jane E. Rumiano

Del Norte Women's Golf Club

Thanks to those who sent photos of the World War II veterans float

I would like to thank everyone who sent me pictures of the World War II veterans float and parade. I received several very good pictures. There were a couple of good ones of my father. My family and I appreciate the wonderful response we got from the letter. It's also nice to know people agreed with me on the pictures. Again, thank you very much for the wonderful responses and pictures. We will cherish them.

Julie Shafer