Steve Chittock

List of winners would have improved dull raft race story

Where is the rest of the Gasquet Raft Race story? It's the 40th anniversary of the race, and I feel there should be a lot more coverage, more pictures - at least a list of the winners and participants.

Since it was cold, cold, cold and cloudy all day, I would think the paper would say more about the people that did it and got wet versus just saying who did the megaphone. The race needs more people to be aware and want to participate, so please.

The people of this county love the raft race and would probably like to hear more. I know I do, and I worked hard to get first place and not be mentioned.

So please, more pictures and remember, it's a fun race so the names and times would be appropriate to add to this dull article. More color, less cloudy.

Oh well, better luck next year I guess.

Brittney A. Gugliemini


Jeremy from 'Zits' could run state better than Gov. Schwarzenegger

Mr. Governor. We all know him as a man of action. The same Mr. Governor who when elected promised this constituent body that he would keep our children safe and ensured us that our young would get an education. He in fact promised us he would not close down any schools. What does he suppose would happen by firing thousands of teachers, cutting education funds by billions?

Please tell me Mr. Schwarzenegger doesn't consider us all idiots. Tell me we are not going to allow this elected official to run amok any longer. Please tell me that this man's actions are not OK. It is not acceptable to sacrifice the poor so that the rich get richer.

Pulling the wool over the eyes of California is not the man of action I helped elect. The lying, cheating, underhanded schemes of Mr. Schwarzenegger need to end at all costs.

Not much more could go wrong by allowing this man to continue his abuse at the taxpayer's expense and security, but a whole lot more could go right if we recalled Mr. Schwarzenegger. Yes, I'm calling for a "total recall."

So many times we leave the really important stuff to others. For whatever reason we as people don't want to be responsible for anything that goes bad, but we have a choice that when exercised could do a lot of good. That choice is a recall of the governor.

Don't be afraid of the responsibility. Start petitions, talk politics, talk with your neighbors. We may not all be in agreement about everything, but I'm sure we can all agree that our trusted governor has run this financial institution to the poor house.

We can trust and believe in someone other than Mr. Schwarzenegger to handle our financial crises.

Quite frankly, I think Jeremy from the cartoon "Zits" could handle our state better than the current man of office, and Jeremy I'm sure is more honest.

I am not advocating electing a cartoon character. I'm advocating getting the cartoon characters out of office.

And with that I say we all do something responsible. We all stand together and recall Mr. Schwarzenegger.

Robert Thiessen

Crescent City

Interested in forming support group for fibromyalgia sufferers

The more I talk with people, the more I realize how widespread the illness of fibromyalgia is in our area. I know in the larger cities there are support groups, pain clinics, and medical professionals who specialize in this condition.

Just for those of you who think that is all in our head. I would like for you to walk, (or try to) one day in my body or that of any other person with fibromyalgia. I am one of the lucky ones because I have medical insurance. I am afforded a rheumatologist in Medford and medication that allows me to function. Without the medication I was unable to cook, sweep, drive far, walk a block, etc. I have been out of work for seven months now and still have five more to go.

I, like many others, want to go back to work but am physically unable. I suspect that many people with the condition don't get out much and may be tired of talking with family or friends who don't understand. I would like to start a support group for people who suffer from fibromyalgia.

If you are interested in attending please call 707-218-8282.

Benita Cabrera

Crescent City