Steve Chittock

Now you know why people don't want to serve jury duty

I really enjoyed the reporting on the trial of the airport gun case ("Bizarre twists in gun-at-airport trial," July 25).

After carefully reading the entire article I have one suggestion to make. Next time save some front-page space and put any further articles about this trial in the comics section where it belongs.

Now you know why people don't want to serve jury duty!

Gary D. Pelster

Crescent City

First-time attendee touched by local Relay for Life event

I attended the Relay for Life event this year for my very first time and I was so moved by the event.

I have not personally been affected by cancer but there are so many that have. I decided to give a little bit of my time and help any way that I could. I was given the opportunity to help with the Luminaries' bags. It was so emotional but heart warming all in the same. I stayed at the track overnight and just kept thinking about all those flames glowing for all those loved ones.

I was so touched by how this community can come together for such a beautiful cause. I really just want to say thank you to all that supported the event and thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me to take part and help with such an important cause. I am proud to be from a caring community.

I hope to be given the opportunity to help again next year and give my support where I can. For the cancer survivors and fighters, you are and will always be in my heart.

Cari Carter

Crescent City

Opposed to proposal by California FIsh and Game

It's time for the citizens of Del Norte County and users of our coastal resources to oppose the actions being proposed by the California Fish and Game Commission in regards to the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA).

These people feel they have a clear mandate to push their version of the act on us without enough credible scientific data to justify such a drastic action.

The planning and implementation phases have already taken place on most of the California coast. As a result, prime coastal areas have been closed to all or most types of harvest. They roll into town and say they know what is best for us and treat us like the rest of California. How many large fishing group "party boats" have you seen pull out of Crescent City lately?

Even though we already have natural and imposed fishing restrictions such as a rough ocean, a 120-foot-depth restriction, only a few months to fish bottom fish, etc., the commission wants more. Approximately 75 percent of Del Norte County is under some level of government ownership with its restrictions. Now with little data, the commission wants to close what access we have to ocean fishing.

Based on what has happened with this corrupt MLPA process in the rest of the state, little consideration will be given to the damage their actions will cause to our already struggling businesses as more of our sportsmen head over the border to a more fishing-friendly state. It will cost an estimated $35 million in monitoring and enforcement for all of these areas. These closures, with additional enforcement and monitoring, appear to be unnecessary, driven by interests outside of Del Norte and Humboldt counties.

More and more public officials and organizations are questioning the science and data used in this MLPA "process." I find it ironic that at a time it appears we will be getting the money to dredge and upgrade our harbor, a large part of our near-shore ocean may be closed to fishing.

Like so many other issues that are facing us as citizens, take the time to speak up and get involved while you still can affect the outcome.

Douglas Corrigan

Crescent City