Steve Chittock

Please do something about the fireworks; I need my sleep!

It's 3 a.m., July 23, and I was awakened by firecrackers, bottle rockets and various other Fourth of July noisemakers.

My son in North Bend, Ore., says if anyone is caught there doing fireworks any other day but the Fourth, they get a $400 fine.

Let's see, $400 times 30 days before the Fourth, and 30 days after the Fourth, equals 60 days times $400 equals $24,000. And that's just in my neighborhood. I imagine the city could use all that money to patch a pothole on A Street, or plant a palm tree on 101.

Why can't Crescent City law enforcement enforce this simple law? This doesn't happen in Bandon or Coos Bay, and Pismo Beach eliminated fireworks all together one year.

Please do something; I need my sleep!

Ray Rinehart

Crescent City