Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Most poor people are not irresponsible drunks

David Lee's letter ("We are drowning in our own waste at all levels," July 16), was a rant against poor folks.

Most poor people are not irresponsible drunks, and cutting off subsidized housing, medicine and utility help would only increase suffering. Government is there to help in difficult times, and that is one of its primary duties.

Besides, when $350 billion has been handed out to crooked bankers - twice - who is really cheating the government and the people?

Not poor people in an economically depressed place like Del Norte County.

Don Emmal

San Rafael

Gun bill hurts honest citizens, will do nothing to stop criminals

Honest Del Norte citizens should be concerned, if not alarmed, and call their congressman and senators. The federal government is again trying to slowly encroach on the rights of law-abiding hunters and gun owners by chipping away at the Second Amendment to the Constitution one bit at a time.

The latest atrocious bill, which is an affront to hunters, sporting enthusiasts, and people who just want a gun for the protection of their home and loved ones, is called the HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sales Act of 2009. The bill hurts honest citizens, but will do nothing to stop criminals who will possess guns illegally anyway.

Many gun shop dealers don't know about this because our Congress, which is supposed to represent us publicly, is trying to pass it quietly even though most of us don't know about it and wouldn't want it if we knew.

Using Google, type in HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sales Act of 2009. You'll learn that this legislation would make it illegal to own any pistol or rifle with a clip unless it is registered, you're fingerprinted, you have a driver's license and Social Security number and you submit to physical and mental evaluations at any time with a doctor of the government's choosing.

Every change of ownership through private or public sales must be reported at a minimum cost to the citizen of $25. Failure to report results in losing your right to own a gun and subjects you to a year in jail.

Guns must be locked and inaccessible to children under 18.

The government would have the right to come and inspect that you are storing your gun safely away from children with punishments of a fine or up to five years in prison. Go to

Get involved now or tomorrow may be too late.

Jim Fallman

Crescent City

Appeal-Democrat editorial a cheap shot at teachers

I'm chagrined that The Triplicate would stoop so low as to cut and paste an editorial from the Marysville Appeal-Democrat ("Teachers should learn to share," July 21), that bastion of journalistic integrity, to get in a cheap shot at teachers.

The writer of this borrowed piece attempts to cobble together some alleged facts to prove that teachers are really state employees (they are not) and that they are part of the public sector employment which supposedly has grown some 300,000 jobs. I guess both that writer and The Triplicate missed the headlines in The Triplicate and the Appeal-Democrat, as well as nearly every other paper in the state, about teacher layoffs.

Please don't try to tell the many now-unemployed teachers that they aren't sharing the pain of this economic disaster. The Appeal-Democrat writer did touch on an interesting point. Repeatedly borrowing from the education budget to balance the budget is insane. Not only does this loan have to be repaid, it also insures that education will be worse.

The idea here is the same as not paying your Visa bill for a year only to find you still have the same debt but now with interest added. So again the budget was balanced with smoke and mirrors.

If The Triplicate wants to have real impact on the state of our state, here are a few suggestions of what to dig into. Why are there an inordinate number of state employees on disability? Why are there an inordinate number of Del Norte residents on federal disability? How did damages at the harbor from a 6-inch tsunami become a multi-million-dollar repair bill? Why are we building a larger sewer plant to treat rainwater inflow instead of fixing the leaks in our sewer lines? Why are we going to spend millions to increase our airport tenfold?

Of course digging up the answers to these tax money sinkholes will require some really fearless investigative journalism, not the cut-and-paste editorials The Triplicate seems to specialize in.

Tom Paine