Steve Chittock

Comparing health plan to 'Soylent Green' way off base

"Soylent Green?" Really? I read a letter to the editor ("What Obama wants of seniors is sacrifice, plain and simple," July 30) saying Obama, in his health care plan, was sacrificing seniors to save money and the words "Soylent Green" were used.

Whoa, I thought. "Soylent Green?" I better look into this. After all, my so-called golden years are just around the corner. Did I need to worry about the president trying to sacrifice me when I turn 65? Is there a provision in Obama's health care bill that requires mandatory "Soylent Green" processing? In my quest to unravel the "Soylent Green" mystery, I was expecting to find pictures of secret facilities hiding liquidizers and vats of goo.

But instead I found a link to the actual health care bill, H.R. 3200, and section 1233 for "advance care planning consultation." There's nothing even remotely sinister in this provision. It's not even mandatory. It simply amends the Social Security Act to include a section that adds Medicare coverage for end-of-life care-planning consultations with a doctor every five years, so your loved ones will not be burdened with making those painful decisions if you are unable to make them for yourself. This is just common sense no matter what your age.

Go to , type in H.R. 3200, Sec. 1233 and read this section of the health care bill for yourself, it's only a few pages. How this provision went from end-of-life planning consultations to "Soylent Green" is beyond me. And AARP is not silent on this issue, they endorse it.

Katherine Kelly

Crescent City

Thoughts on stakeout and arrest in church break-in

Regarding "Stakeout snares church intruder," July 31, dude gets caught microwaving corn dogs in the Lutheran church during a Wednesday night stakeout, and is now being held in the Del Norte County Jail on $80,000 bail.

My goodness, our Sheriff's Office stakes out churches for corn dog thieves who happen to be hungry and homeless? And then arrests them for taking corn dogs? What is the district attorney and judge thinking?

How about the Wal-Mart TV-killer, who had the opportunity to smash up TVs and was arrested and released with no charges pressed, only to return to Wal-Mart and do it again? What kind of bail was he given?

So this was a church protecting corn dogs, hmmm, where is the forgiveness in that? Does the story of Lazarus come to mind? A key was used to gain entry, and the corn dogs that were microwaved must have been worth a lot of money because the church felt it was necessary to attain a police stake out so their corn dogs would not get stolen?

I feel really safe in Del Norte County and the City of Crescent City, our taxpayer money is being well utilized.

Maggie Calbri

Crescent City

I think there was a time when we had reporters?

I am disgusted with the the press. Our own trained Osama bin Laden to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. It may be that Bush Sr. was friendly with him.

To watch this endless stupid news about Michael Jackson or the stupid mileage that we get from these stupid cars. What about the people dying every day? Our sons and daughters, the civilians with bombs falling. I think there was a time when we had reporters? Now we are on the Oct-A-Mom Channel.

Don Campbell

Crescent City