Steve Chittock

Thanks to fire departments for heroic efforts to try to save home

We would like to thank the men and women who volunteer at the Crescent City, Fort Dick and Smith River fire departments. We appreciate your heroic efforts in trying to save our home during a fire that proved to be very difficult to extinguish on Wednesday, July 8.

We would also like to thank our neighbors Kim and Pete, as well as James and the staff at Tsunami Lanes, who made sure our family was safely out of our home.

A special thanks goes out to Elk Valley Rancheria and its staff for providing food and beverages to the firefighters and also for their financial assistance and help in relocating our family.

Thank you also to Wendy, Steve and Spencer, Jade and Sonny, John and Manuela, Penny Saver Inn and the American Red Cross and to everyone else in our community for your assistance. You have truly blessed our family with your generosity.

Angie, Ken Mattz Jr. and family

Crescent City

Proposed health plan will allow govt. to make decisions for us

With all due respect to Katherine Kelly and her evaluation ("Comparing health plan to 'Soylent Green' way off base," Aug. 4) of the bill now before Congress proposing "reform" of our current Health Care System, I think she is being a bit too trusting of those in Washington who now want to add the medical industry to the ever-growing list of industries currently controlled by the government.

I queriedandensp;the Web site thatandensp;she refers to in her letter and read both the text and the comments concerning the text. It should be obvious to anyone that has experienced the workings of our federal government that this bill reaches far too deeply into our God-given rights to make responsible choices for ourselves. The provisions of this bill concerning federal mandated counseling are both redundant and superfluous for those of us that have alreadyandensp;exercisedandensp;our free will as evidenced by our last will and testaments, durable power of attorney, etc.

The fact that many citizens of this country in exercising their own free wills have not availed themselves of those end of life procedures is not good enough reason for us as a nation to allow the federal government to make those decisions for us, particularly given that any lawyer would and could construe the wording of Section 1233 of H.R. 3200 as allowing the federal government to dictate whether or not a senior individual is entitled to ongoing treatment for chronic or life-disabling illness

Wally Sweet


Saddened by report of overdose death of local 10-year-old girl

My heart dropped, along with probably every other Triplicate reader, at Tuesday's headline, "Girl, 10, dies of overdose." I am the parent of a 9-year-old, and I can't even begin to fathom the grief this family must be feeling.

As I read the article though, I was appalled at putting all responsibility on the grandmother. Granted, grandma obviously has a problem, but according to this article, the family was fully aware of this. It was not the first time this had happened!

I'm not saying that grandma is not at least partially to blame, but let's look at the facts: She was asleep. In her own home. She apparently did not have any knowledge that her granddaughter was sent over, or that she had even been in her home.

Unfortunately, with all this said, the only thing that won't change, is that this poor little girl is dead.

Trudy Meriedth

Crescent City

Fireworks: It's disrespectful and a definite disturbance of the peace

I totally agree with Ray Rinehart's letter of July 29 ("Please do something about the fireworks!").

I have been awakened numerous times in the middle of the night both before and after the Fourth of July by the very loud explosions of fireworks. It's now July 31! If I am still awake in the evening, the noise just about makes me jump through the roof! They are always set off around 10 p.m. or later.

Why is it that we, the citizens of Crescent City, have to endure this obnoxious noise for 60 days or more?

I have never lived anywhere before where fireworks are tolerated all of June and July, and now maybe August, too. That's all summer! It's not only ridiculous, it's disrespectful and a definite disturbance of the peace.

Marie Danek

Crescent City