Steve Chittock

Fair brings visitors to county

Thank you for a nice fair. We visited your lovely county for the first time this past weekend to enjoy the Del Norte County Fair.

We visited just because we hope to enjoy all the fairs in the state of California. In the process we viewed your local museum (great way to recycle a jail), toured the lighthouse, purchased Del Norte Warriors merchandise, dined on fantastic seafood, were serenaded by sea lions and stayed multiple nights in a local motel.

We are writing you this letter as a reminder that various tourists might visit your fair and have such a splendid time that they plan future vacations to your community. We certainly didn't get to see all we could have enjoyed and hope to return soon.

As we alluded to earlier we are trying to visit every fair in California, unfortunately some of the fairs we have previously visited no longer exist. Others are fading fast and will probably disappear.

Don' let this happen to your fair or we might have never visited Del Norte. Keep up the good work.

Roberto and Lucy Lopez

Dublin, Calif.

Stop government health care

An open letter to the U.S. Congress regarding government health care:

Please don't let him do this to me!

Clif Shepard

Crescent City

Elders: Reach out to youth

I am thinking there is a "connection" to the letters to the editor printed July 25 about valuing material property, vandals of garden, the value of education and elderly care.

The connection is answering the difference between the elderly and the elders. Can you imagine the vitality needed to be an elder and the benefits to the young people who sit and listen and talk to them? I sense it being a mutually beneficial exchange. And it is not just talk. There are challenges.

There is a saying from many years ago: "If we do not initiate our young boys into manhood they will burn the village down." Elders initiate the young. Older men who have knowledge and understanding of childhood and adulthood and the "mystery" between and inside the two are available to assist in educating (to bring out their genius) of the young. Ownership of material goods that serve a purpose are valued.

The greatest value in life is demonstrated by the life I choose to live and the ones I live it with. So, where are we (the elders) holding our next initiation of our young boys? Or shall we continue to watch the enraged become an outrage? We are their (the young's) future. Let's embrace the nobility of our ancestors and turn back to the young and lay down our lives for them to enter into their lives with fear and joy!

To the roar! Aho!

Anthony Trombetto

Crescent City