Steve Chittock

Slert should first recognize Square Deal improvements

I heartily endorse City Councilman Charles Slert's suggestion of recognizing and rewarding community members who maintain beautiful residences or businesses in our often sad-looking community.

May I suggest he start by recognizing the gentlemen who improved the Square Deal eyesore and made it into a thriving business venture while being harassed in this very newspaper by a local architect?

Ron van Noord

Crescent City

Some poor need subsidizing, but not generations of them

Regarding Don Emmal's response ("Most poor people are not irresponsible drunks," Aug. 1) to my letter regarding the government ("We are drowning in our own waste at all levels," July 16), the waste I said we were drowning in had nothing to do (or say about) poor people being drunks.

I realize some poor people need some subsidizing, but I'm talking about second-, third- and fourth-generation subsidizing being a little too much.

Subsidies are fine, just make the recipients responsible as well (schooling, urine tests, etc., or leave and go somewhere else!).

Sorry you misread my letter, Mr. Emmal.

David Lee


Farmers Market thankful for venue during fair weekend

As the manager of the Crescent City Farmers Market, a program of Rural Human Services, I would like to thank the neighbor businesses that housed the market during the Del Norte County Fair.

Since the market occupies the fairgrounds parking lot, we have always closed the market the weekend of the fair.andensp;This year, we had so many requests to keep the market open during the fair that we approached Richard and Holly Muenzer, owners of The Club, and Earlene Burley of Northwoods Realty.andensp;They graciously hosted the Crescent City Farmers Market, allowing our customers to continue to support our "Grown Local, Sold Local, Enjoyed Local" concept, in their parking lot.

Our community farmers market continues to grow and prosper because of the support of localandensp;growers, producers, businesses and community members, who purchase local products each week.andensp;We owe them a big "thank you" for hosting us and making that possible.andensp;

Again, thanks for our neighbor businesses for supporting the market and thanks to our customers for coming out each week to purchase locally.andensp; Visit us this Saturday, in our usual location at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds, where you will find fresh produce, grass-fed beef, eggs, bakery items, local fish, soup, and locally hand crafted products.

Ron Phillips

Rural Human Services

Second year in a row that 'star' acts were late to appear

I am writing to comment about the Friday night show at the county fair this last weekend. The rancheria has spent a lot of money for this show and in the last couple of years it has been short-changed.

The show doesn't start when it is scheduled. The "star" acts as if he is doing you a favor coming to our small fair. The opening act did a terrific job, although he, too, was late in starting the show. Then after getting the opening act off the stage, saying they were ready, the star act then takes another 15 minutes to get on the stage and start the main act.

If this had been a TV show, they would have been introduced in the first hour of the show and then actually appear in the last five minutes. The people in charge of the show should demand better. If we are supposed to be in the bleachers at 6 p.m., then the show should start at that time. This year is the second year in a row that we have left the show early because of the same problem.

Hank Northrip

Crescent City