Steve Chittock

Thanks to Miss Del Norte sponsors

I would like to extend a big thank-you to each of my individual sponsors for their generous contributions to this year's Miss Del Norte pageant: The Smith River Alliance and Conservation Solutions, Pizza Hut, Johnston's Gift Garden and Home, the Bookcomber, Cristina's Restandshy;aurant, the Hiouchi Hamlet, Dr. A. James Fisher, Barron's Home Furnishings, and Scott's Comandshy;puter Services.

I am very grateful to these businesses and organizations for their support of my participation. Thanks also to the program coordinators, Xi Sigma Rho, and the judges for the $1,500 scholarship I received as first runner-up, and for the many fond memories I'll have of the experience.

Rachel McCain

Smith River

Kudos to Rite Aid photo repair crew

Congratulations to Rite Aid for having a great photo restoration crew.

I had an old faded picture and didn't believe it could be restored, but Sandra, who works in the photo department, guaranteed their work.

Well, every detail came into focus. I was very pleased.

Josie Ruiz

Crescent City