Steve Chittock

Keep shooting away from Gasquet

Isn't it great that we live in an area where we can go such a short distance and be away from it all? Gather with family and friends. Pack up the camping equipment, fill the ice chests, bring games for the kids, and line up those empty cans to get in some target shooting.

Ahh ... peace and quiet for a few days from the never-ending noise and stressors of everyday life. Sounds like a nice weekend away. We all need them. We all enjoy them. Unless you are a Gasquet resident and the recipient of your "weekend away."

We have to endure your gunshots across the river and if one is fortunate enough to live directly on the water you also fear the direction of that last shotgun blast and whether it may enter your home from such a short distance away.

It is perfectly legal to camp at Pappas Flat. It is perfectly legal to shoot guns at Pappas Flat. But is it considerate and respectful of the community whose peace and quiet you have disturbed? You may feel isolation at Pappas Flat, but ultimately you have entered our neighborhood. The very thing that you have come here to achieve you have taken away from many. Some of us who live here enjoy the same outings as you.

Hopefully we all exercise more thoughtful planning on the location. Living near a shooting range is not pleasant and if you truly enjoyed the outdoor experience you will understand this. If camping at Pappas Flat is your ideal get away, then do just that. It is a beautiful spot. If you are bringing your artillery, I ask that you please take it where it is more appropriate than a neighborhood of frightened dogs and their owners.

I do not speak alone. Please practice consideration. You will be right on target.

Toni Stewart