Adam Madison, The Triplicate

We need real representatives who will serve the people

In response to Joseph Brauner's letter ("If govt. health care scares you, try monarchy instead," Aug. 20), in the Constitution, Section 8, it enumerates what Congress has the authority to do; among these powers there is no mention of providing health care to all citizens.

This administration is trying to usurp authority that should be left to the individuals and private companies.

What Congress should do is repeal its ban on heath care companies issuing policies outside each states' borders, making them similar to auto or life insurance companies. Competition will bring down costs and give more options.

I can buy auto insurance in many different states so my cost is kept low.

Another idea is to institute tort reform. This will reduce the procedures doctors perform to keep from being sued by lawyers.

Another idea is to tax the money sent out of our country and apply that money to doctors and hospitals for care given to uninsured individuals.

Government-run health care will decrease quality of care and give government officials the authority to tell our doctors which procedures to give and which ones to ration. Government will reduce and limit physician services for Medicare and Medicaid affecting seniors and low-income individuals.

Government cannot operate any program efficiently or effectively; just look at Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

These programs are going broke and our politicians don't care or do anything about it. I have brought this problem up to Congressman Mike Thompson and he said, about Social Security, that it will not go broke before the late 2070s, even though the administrator of Social Security has said by 2042 Social Security would be flat broke.

This is what politicians do, they wait until the crisis is upon us and then scramble to fix the problem.

We need real representatives who will represent the people, not themselves or special interest groups.

What we have now are politicians doling out our money for votes and listening to special interest groups who will give money for the politicians' next election.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City