Steve Chittock

Insurance industry can afford to buy our Senate, Congress

Health care money is for health care! Looks like the big money is trying to keep the truth about where your health insurance money is going secret, and largely succeeding.

If they took $5 out of every $100 you spent for profit and management in 1992, they where doing pretty well. Now that they are taking $20 out of every $100 you spend they can afford to buy our Senate and Congress. Our lawmakers are reading scripts, provided to them by the industry!

"You will wait," "you will be denied," "you will be unplugged." They are trying to scare us into letting them keep their billions. We are talking life and death here, not pork bellies.

Sad to see the people doing the real work, the nurses, all the support staff and some doctors being under paid while the CEOs and shareholders pocket the money they were trusted with for our care. I say regulate the heck out of them and lets have a competitive option.

Check the Web. PBS is a great resource. We are giving the insurance companies trillions, their profit is in the hundreds of billions. They have us hogtied. I can't see that voting in some fringe candidates could be any worse than what we have now.

Don Campbell

Crescent City

Thanks to Brandt, volunteers for Stage Road auto tour

I would like to thank Roger Brandt and his crew of friendly volunteers for the great time we had riding our sidecar rig on The Old Redwood Stage Road Auto Tour last Saturday.

The route instructions contained pages of interesting sights and information along the way, as well as great scenery and a chance to see the Smith River and Illinois River Valley from a new (and much higher) perspective.

The road was steep, bumpy, and dusty and we were tired, dirty, and thirsty by the end of the day. And we can't wait to do it all over again!

If you are interested in a neat history lesson and looking for something to to do that is a bit out of the ordinary, check out and take the tour yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Lawrence Henderson

Crescent City

Let's fulfill Ted Kennedy's dream of health care for all

The last Kennedy brother has died. Like his brothers, Ted Kennedy tried his best to fulfill the biblical admonition emphasized by his father: "From those to whom much is given; much is expected."

Ted Kennedy had a lifelong dream to see all Americans with affordable quality health care. He wanted this "not as a privilege, but as a right."

Today we have the opportunity to achieve that dream. I say "we" because it is now clear that neither Congress nor the president; neither the Republicans nor the Democrats, have the will and the independence to deliver that dream. Only if the American people insist, only if we the people get on the phone to Congress and the White House, only if we keep up the drumbeat in letters to the editors, calls to the talk shows and, yes, take to the streets to demand that the people and not the insurance industry are served ... only then will we see affordable quality health care for all.

The time is short and the voices of opposition have been bought and paid for. Only the people can change the current course. Let's make real health care reform the new Kennedy's legacy. Let's fulfill the dream - quality and affordable health care for all.

Felice Pace


Thanks, congratulations to all involved with junior rodeo

I would like to give a big thank you to the contestants and parents and sponsors for the 2009 Redwood Coast Junior Rodeo. This was our second year and it was such a great success. The contestants were outstanding and I cannot believe the amount of talent we have here in our small town.

We had everything from mutton bustin' to goat tying, breakway roping, steer daubing, steer riding and single stake.

Congratulations to our all-around junior and senior cowboys and cowgirls, Deja Hartwick, Natasha Haddad, Dalton Nicholes and Jordan Sturdevant, job well done. We are proud of each and every one of the youth who turned out to compete this year, you were all awesome.

Thank you to the Redwood Coast Rodeo Association, the Del Norte County Fairandshy;grounds and the Fair Board. Without your support this would not have been possible.

A special thanks to Randy Hatfield and Kevin Hartwick for your help and support. Our coaches and parents who volunteer all year long , to help get this done!

We are looking forward to next year and hoping for it to just get bigger and better. Our junior equestrian drill team, the Crescent City Cowgirls, who came out rain or shine to practice, to make our grand entry, such a great success. You girls are awesome.

Paula Sturdevant

Junior Rodeo coordinator

Thanks to community for supporting triathlon/duathlon

Thanks go out to our fantastic community for supporting a fun day atandensp;Crescent City's 25th annual Triathlon/Duathlon last Sunday. The participants, from ages 5 to 72, had a fabulous day to swim/bike/run the Beachfront Park area. Proceeds will go to a sports scholarship for a DNHS senior next June. The sports section ran the results on Tuesday.

The many volunteers need a huge pat on the back for the hours spent designing tee shirts, organizing cones, chalking the streets, manning race corners, pulling kids out at the end of their pool laps ... andensp;kudos to them! And we were most fortunate to have full city,andensp;county,andensp;and stateandensp;support (fire,andensp;police,andensp;road departmentsandensp;and Sheriff's Office), along with The Daily Triplicate's substantial coverage.

Many local businesses donated services and/or monetary support. andensp;We especially want to thank platinum sponsorsandensp;Back Country Bicycles, Crescent City Internal Medicine, Dr. E. Sisson, and Lucky 7 Casino; gold sponsors C.C.P.O.A., Pacific Vision, Dr. T. Polidore, Redwood Medical Center, Hiouchi Hamlet, Dr. G. Duncan, Soul Feet and and Del Norte Office Supply; silver sponsors Renner Petroleum, Hemmingsen Construction, Eureka Natural Foods, Coast Central Credit Union, Bicoastal Media, Edward Jones, Pacific Northwest Physical Therapy and The Club; and bronze sponsors 101 Laundromat, Chimney Kraft, Northwest Insurance, Brent Hoskinson, Custom Dezign, Investment Realty, Jackie Simonson, Musser Accounting, Wayne Bolman Distributors, and "Maida, Myla and Mary Ellen."

Food was supplied by Java Hut, Mike Castagnola and the pool.andensp;Very special thanks go to the Fred Endert Municipal Pool staff!

It is heartening to see the enthusiasm and excitement raised by the adults and children participating. andensp;

Russ Burnette, Linda and Isaac Blundell, Clay Speaker, Lynda Hays, Nan Latimer, Susan Roberts

Crescent City Triathlon Committee

We have trusted our govt. to the brink of bankruptcy

I heard a quote the other day that really hits home.andensp;The late Robert Novak, political columnist, and "debater," said in 2006: "Always love your country, but never trust your government."

We have trusted our government right to the brink of bankruptcy. We are now owned by the Chinese, Japanese, Germans, British and others.andensp;The very future of America and its future generations, is in the balance.andensp;First it was the Trouble Asset Relief Program, the so-called experts said the sky is falling and even though we the people said no, our representatives voted for it, with earmarks.andensp;Then came the stimulus, and again, the sky was falling.andensp;It had to be passed immediately, without reading, and was full ofandensp;earmarks.andensp; The Omnibus was next, then a second TARP.andensp; We have Cap and Trade waiting in the wings, that when passed will destroy people on fixed incomes. Will they pay the electric bill, or eat?

Now health care, projected to cost $1.8 trillion.andensp;Even when we are saying no, our representatives don't listen to us. Not even the so-called "Blue Dog Democrats," who say they are fiscally responsible.andensp;They have voted for every one of these bills.andensp;They are openly saying that they know better than the people who elected them.andensp; Thanks to the Congress and the President, the national debt is now four times bigger than it was last year.andensp;If the government would clean up the fraud, and waste in Medicare, Medicaid and the VA system, it would probably find enough money to take care of the uninsured, and more.

It is time to clean up Washington.andensp; Know your rights, read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Big government will mean the end of the America our founders envisioned.andensp; Write to your representatives, and tell them no more.andensp;That you will remember when it is time to vote again.

Always love your country, its the best anywhere.andensp;Your destiny and the destiny of America is up to you.

andensp;Virginia Walworth

Crescent City