Steve Chittock

City Council does not want to hear what Westfall is asking about

I have to laugh. No one on the last City Council batted an eye at an extra $20 million for doing the sewer plant. Now along comes Donna Westfall asking all these pertinent questions. Suddenly, this City Council doesn't want to hear what she's asking about.

If questions about corruption are taking up too much valuable time at the City Council, then I wonder what they think is important?

Dawn Scott

Crescent City

John Vickers was well loved and will be greatly missed

In July, our friend John Vickers died in the traffic accident near Dry Lagoon. We were devastated. The paper reported, "While no further information about Vickers was available Monday," so I feel compelled to share with your reader the John we knew.

John discovered Crescent City as a result of a serious accident he and his father were in at Kings Valley Road in the late '60s. They spent a month here at the old hospital on A Street recovering.

In 1989, John returned and bought his property, returning to live here in 2002 after retiring from Friendship Manor near Santa Barbara. He managed the manor's dining facility that served up to 150 seniors three meals daily.

John became interested in all aspects that governed this area. He attended City Council, Board of Supervisors and Harbor Commission meetings, keeping all those around him informed. He also made it his private project to daily pick up trash at the harbor and along 101 across from South Beach.

He was a man of integrity who never stopped giving to those around him. He became a close friend to many who thought of him as family. He loved this area for its unspoiled beauty and quiet way of life.

Perhaps not well known, he was well loved, and will be greatly missed.

Amy DeCosta

Crescent City

Letter to Obama: Spend less and downsize your big government

Here's a copy of a letter I sent to the president.

Mr. President:

Quite possibly you have forgotten that you are a public servant, not the king of this country. You and the Senate and the House are elected to do the will of the people of this great country, not force us to do your will. The reason so many of the town hall meetings are so volatile is that the people of our great country are not in favor of so many of the bills you pushed through, such as stimulus; auto bailout; bank bailout; mortgage foreclosure bailout; GE, parent company of MSNBC, bailout; etc.

And now you are trying to push your health care bill. Much of the majority of us, your employers, don't want it.

Now as you know, we have been going through a recession for some time now, and much as I don't want to give you a lesson on economics, what do you do when you have less money? Mr. Obama, you spend less, not more. Why are you spending more, that we don't have?

It is time to listen to your constituents, not your inner self or your future grasp for power.

Spend less and downsize your big government and possibly you won't be impeached during the next 3 1/2 years.

Patricia Thorpe

Crescent City