Steve Chittock

Out-of-state prisoner at Pelican Bay concerned about overcrowding

As you know, the state has been ordered, per court ruling, to alleviate prison overcrowding via releasing thousands of inmates.

Conversely, the California Department of Corrections is perpetuating the overcrowding problem by housing offenders from various states throughout the country.

A case in point, I am here in California, through no request of my own, from the state of New Hampshire.

The governor declares a state of emergency because of the overcrowding while the CDC contracts to accept inmates from other states?

Do the citizens of California know this? Maybe they should be informed.

Francis Gay

Pelican Bay State Prison

Thank you to LRT and to the people who organized band camp

Several Friday nights ago my son and daughter and I were looking for something fun to do together.

After reading the newspaper about the youth drama camp with Lighthouse Repertory Theatre and the youth band camp we decided to go see them both! We were impressed that their performance times allowed us to see both, but most of all, my children (ages 5 and 6) were so excited after watching "Alice in Wonderland" and the band concert that they made their own "theater" at home and their stuffed animals were their band.

They really connected to both the drama kids and the band kids. My son said "I want to be just like those cool trumpet players Mom."

I want to say thank you to LRT and to the people who organized the band camp, thank you to all the kids who performed and shared their talent for the community. You are rising stars and a great example for other children. We are truly blessed to have a community that is so supportive in the arts!

Eddie Jamison

Crescent City

Richard Miles in the minority on not wanting to hear anymore on plant

Letter-writer Richard Miles flip-flops more than a fish out of water. Over the last year I've read his praise and condemnation of Donna Westfall. He doesn't want to hear anymore about the sewer plant. I think he's in the minority.

Mrs. Westfall finally uncovers what looks like corruption, and Mr. Miles isn't interested?

John Janssen

Crescent City

Where have all the war protesters gone?

I am confused and troubled by questions for which I have no answers. Perhaps Triplicate readers can help me.

Where have all the war protesters gone? Where are the people in black who used to stand on the streets of Brookings and Ashland? Why have people stopped placing crosses with the names of every soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan next to freeways in the Bay Area? Where are the young people who once demonstrated in front of federal buildings and recruitment offices? Why are there no more letters to the editor questioning or supporting these wars?

To my knowledge the number of troops hasn't gone down. Soldiers and civilians are still dying. Not only haven't we ended our involvement in Iraq, we are told to expect a long war, requiring more troops, in Afghanistan. What about Iran and Pakistan?

These are not rhetorical questions. I am not asking if you support or oppose these wars. I want to understand what is going on. What has changed? What am I missing? Please help me in this matter. I look forward to what Triplicate readers have to say.

Dennis White

Crescent City

Critical for aquarium hobbyists to be responsible with their pets

I am a fisheries biology student at Humboldt State University currently studying fish disease.

As fish habitat degrades due to the effects of pollution, climate change, water loss and other factors, fish become more vulnerable to disease. For this reason it is critical for aquarium hobbyists to be responsible with their exotic pets and prevent the spread of disease into local waters.

If you care to protect the fish populations in your backyard, you can take some precautions.

andbull; Never release your aquatic pets into the wild, dead or alive.

andbull; Never use your aquarium supplies like nets, buckets, pumps and hoses in your local lakes and rivers without sanitizing them with bleach first.

andbull; Never dump your aquarium water or substrate (gravel, sand, rocks, wood) into your local waters.

Thank you for your concerns for the fish, both in and outside of your home.

Nick Campise