Steve Chittock

Perhaps our destiny will be like the other Crescent City's

After too many years of attending local government meetings and getting to the point that I can't stand to be in the same room with them, I've been traveling around our state for mental relief.

What I've seen is a vastly changed state. The vibrancy of development of most communities these last few years was phenomenal. Oh sure, the economic downturn has affected them, but when good times return, they're ready. They already have the homes, commercial buildings, roads, etc., built.

Notice I used the word "vibrancy" to describe the rate of growth of most "other" communities, then to return to Crescent City to realize just how much we've missed the boat. I'd characterize it as "flat-lined." Perhaps our destiny will be like that other Crescent City, New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina. A city that all the chest-thumping bravado appears to be about its past, not its future.

Jim Snow

Crescent City

Westfall has never done her homework on the real issues

In response to John Janssen's letter ("Richard Miles in the minority on not wanting to hear anymore on the plant," Sept. 1), Mr. Janssen's claim that I'm a fish out of water is false. His claim that I have supported Ms. Westfall in the past is wrong, too. I have not. My problem with Councilwoman Westfall is she has never done her homework over the real issues of our water treatment plant.

Mr. Janssen, have you read the River Watch lawsuit against the City? Has Donna? Do you and Donna know why we did not build a plant behind Safeway using pools?

I know why, because I attend the meetings. It would have cost too much.

Mr. Janssen, have you and Donna asked city staff and the Council why the flow meters that should be in place are on a desk at the office on Front Street? I have not seen the county or water district fix their lines. That puts a load on our plant. I have not heard Donna ask this question at any joint county-city meetings.

All I have seen is that Ms. Westfall likes to attack people. I have seen this at public meetings. She and her friends have made claims against other council members.

I've worked in law libraries in the past. Before you can make claims of corruption, you should have the proof that it is taking place. Today, I have not seen any wrongdoing.

All Donna is doing is wasting time and money that my city does not have over her unfounded claims of corruption.

If my logic is wrong, then maybe I'm the fool that John Janssen claims I am. But when will the mud throwing stop? It's time Ms. Westfall showed her cards or she needs to get the hell out of the poker game. In a court of law, hearsay does not stand up.

I have not heard Ms. Westfall ask any questions of who should cover the cost of fixing the wastewater plant at the harbor before the wastewater comes to our new plant. Will there be additional costs to the ratepayer here, too? Maybe, Mr. Janssen, I'm smarter than the average bear and the reader of this paper.

Ms. Westfall should be working with the other council members to make Crescent City a livable city with jobs, improving our downtown, supporting our youth with recreational programs and encouraging tourism instead of being negative.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Parents beware: SB 572 is an anti-traditional-family bill

If you're a parent, you need to read this. SB 572 would pressure every California public school to have an official Harvey Milk Day promoting the homosexual, bisexual and transsexual agenda to children as young as kindergarten.

Brace yourself, because SB 572 is written so broadly it could allow gay pride parades on campus, cross-dressing and even homosexual marriage dramas, etc.

Last year the Democratic-controlled legislature passed Harvey Milk Gay Day, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it. This year the Governor is receiving even more pressure to sign SB 572.

Please call Governor Schwarzenegger at (916) 445-2841 and follow the automated instructions and oppose this anti-traditional family bill.

Shawn Fernandes

Crescent City