Steve Chittock

New Park Service building a waste of millions in taxpayer dollars

Thanks to The Triplicate for exposing the new palatial Park Service North Operations building to the public ("Parks facility opens," Aug. 28).

In speaking to many of my friends one common thought emerges. We are so tired of endless government waste that we will never vote for any incumbent again. Politicians at every level should hear this loud and clear before they consider another pork project like this one.

The National Park Service deserves a long hard look which will expose pork by the bushel. Once again NPS has built a Taj Mahal with features that nobody in Del Norte can afford in our homes. Since this monument to government waste is out of sight, unlike the outrageous "operation center" in Orick, be sure to drive into this new facility near Crescent City.

Also notice that every noxious weed that we try to eradicate in Del Norte county is flourishing here, so it's either a demonstration garden or more likely they are just too lazy to pluck them out of the ground.

But the problem is larger. Redwood National Park is not really a park, it is much more like a private preserve, for rangers only, behind numerous locked gates. Searching for facilities like trails and campgrounds on RNP's Web site will lead you to many trails and campgrounds, nearly all in the state parks.

So what are RNP employees doing? Working in the state parks, of course, alongside the existing state park folks who really didn't need any help in the first place. The Redwood State and National Parks boondoggle is just simply an unholy alliance to intentionally waste millions of taxpayer dollars!

Tom Paine


The Triplicate a good publication, but Web site could be improved

Thanks to The Triplicate for exposing the new My wife and I spent three days in Crescent City in July, mainly to explore the nearby redwoods.

We had never spent any time there and were quite surprised at your beautiful, scenic and friendly town. The oceanfront was stunning. The museum was excellent (and very accessible for my wife, who is blind). We even found the (oddly named) Triplicate newspaper to be a good publication. We plan to spend more time there.

I write because, after returning home, I noticed one rather unexpected thing. The Web site for The Triplicate is as generic and uninteresting as any newspaper site I have ever visited. Being able to view the attractive, but unreadable, version of the front page of your printed paper only makes it worse.

Both the city and the Chamber of Commerce have sharp, attractive Web sites. Don't sell yourselves short!

David Hagan

Grover Beach, Calif.