Steve Chittock

Arguments in letter fall apart under their own weight

I read Travis Molina's letter ("By discouraging competition we are encouraging panhandling," Sept. 2) and had a long conversation with my husband about what the writer was trying to say.

His two main points seemed to be that a lack of competition in schools causes indigence and that government should not intervene in the lives of individuals. Both arguments fall apart under their own weight.

If we regard life merely as a competition then clearly there will be winners and losers. More competition will breed more losers. One can only assume that the writer considers panhandlers to be "losers," so the competitive spirit he espouses would likely result in more panhandling, not less.

The writer then argues that individuals alone are responsible for their own condition and government should not "reward individuals for not trying." So then why does the writer want police to arrest individuals for asking for money? Are panhandlers not trying to survive (and thereby compete) when they put out their hand? Why is it acceptable for a government to intervene with force at the behest of individuals who don't want to help beggars, but don't want to see them, either?

Carla Critz

Crescent City

By printing cartoon all you do is stir up anger on both sides

I found Tuesday's editorial cartoon highly offensive and misleading. If you had bothered to read the president's educational speech you would have found that it was not socialism or a means of indoctrinating our youth into whatever hysterical stuff the white right-wing neocons oddly wish us to believe.

I can't believe that you would be so irresponsible to promote such bigotry, intolerance and lies here in Del Norte County. Is this how you view Del Norters - right-wing nuts that believe such nonsense? Or is this what you want Del Norters to believe and embody? How truly un-American of you, and this from a real American.

You may have your first amendment rights, but with it comes responsibility and judgment. Obviously your editorial staff missed that class in college.

By printing that obscenity all you do is stir up anger on both sides, potentially dividing our community in polarizing bigotry and intolerance. You are not Fox News or MSNBC. True journalists stay neutral and don't promote hatred and lies from either side.

Report the truth next time, not your or someone else's twisted version of it.

Norma Williams

Crescent City

Finds it interesting local doctor is for universal health care

As the debate over health care from the public I found it interesting to read that a local doctor is for universal health care.

For some it is a matter of politics. However, I have read so many articles in other papers that are complaining of the so-called generous health care benefits that the state pays its employees and that that practice has to stop.

In the Sacramento Bee it is stated that over 18 percent of Californians do not have health insurance and if some have their way there will be over 220,000 state workers that won't have health care also.

If the state quits its employee health insurance coverage, I wonder how many other employers will do the same? I often wonder if the costs will be as high as predicted. Hospitals recoup loses of the uninsured by raising the prices of the insured and we also as taxpayers pay the tab for medi-cal and subsidize what is left of healthy families.

If all of this were added up and then add in the cost of what some insurance companies are charging, would this really be a higher cost or a savings in the long term?

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City