Adam Madison, The Triplicate

No one has answered Westfall

Regarding the "Westphal claims embroil Council" article, let's see if I got this right. The Grand Jury report states the last City Council lacked the intellectual curiosity to question the sole sewer project bid of $42.5 million.

Donna Westfall asks questions about stuff that looks like graft and corruption and the other four members want her to shut up. The lab building cannot be seen on the bid. Sounds suspicious to me, too. I want to know if anyone is getting kickbacks, too. I observed the response to the questions of kickbacks and never heard "yes" or "no" on the record.

If our mayor thinks the question is inappropriate, maybe she should write out a list of appropriate questions to ask in regards to graft and corruption. If we're spending $10-$20 million more than we we should, a recall special election sounds really cheap by comparison. Charles Slert indicated asking questions about the project is costing the city too much. Well, not as much as not overseeing costs on the project, as the council members are supposed to be doing.

For our mayor to say labor compliance problems, falsified payroll and not paying overtime is a "paperwork problem" is like saying the law is more of a suggestion than a requirement. For Charles Slert to state we have adequate checks and balances after hearing this is amazing and unbelievable. For Kathryn Murray to want to censure Donna Westfall sounds more like Communist Russia than America. And lastly, for Triplicate reporter Nicholas Grube to fail to print the response of Donna Westfall to asking the same questions over again is slanted coverage.

Her reply: "You haven't answered them."

Jody Mangum

Crescent City

9/11 op-ed much appreciated

Jon Alexander's opinion piece ("9/11: Think of the Heroes") was much appreciated. Every thought and feeling of that evil day was covered. His huge loss does not go unnoticed.

It should not be forgotten that every agency assigned to the defense of America failed miserably. Even our military Defense Department did not have the common sense to plan ahead to protect its own Pentagon, which should be the case at all times. The Boy Scouts could have done a better job with their motto, "Be Prepared." One doesn't need to have a date or time to plan ahead. Nor is it difficult to figure out suspected targets.

And while the rich were given a $9 billion tax break, our borders are still not secure after eight years!

Trauma and shock are still remembered as I rushed to the telephone to call my son and tell him not to go to work that day at the World Trade Center after the first plane hit. I told him it was a terrorist attack and there would be more. If a little old lady can figure this out, why couldn't the military?

Remember 9/11 and Pearl Harbor and keep the government on its toes with reminders forever.

Thank you, Jon Alexander.

Carolynn Starr

Crescent City

Grand jury report offers answers

Crescent City is in the process of refurbishing its old and adding new treatment capabilities to its waste water treatment facility (WWTF). One recently censured City Council member continues to ask why the WWTF is being built, and why it costs so much. The recent response to the grand jury report presents some answers.

The City of Crescent City did not initiate the WWTF of its own accord. The city is being required by remote state agencies to upgrade the facility in order to meet new, more stringent requirements. The new requirements outlined in the city's discharge permit essentially require that the water flowing to the ocean from the plant be cleaner than the ocean water. These new requirements are driving the project and one can expect an ever-increasing level of regulation to be developed and enforced by both the state and federal governments.

If the recently disgraced council member would read the approved council report, then this information would be clear. Perhaps then focus could be made on rejecting further intrusions by the regulators into our local problems instead of the current misguided effort to scandalize the building of the WWTF.

If it was only up to the city, there would have been ongoing maintenance and repair costs, not a new project. There would not have been an attempt to produce a cleaner effluent. If the Coastal Commission had not been involved, there would probably not be fancy new architectural looks for new buildings. These are requirement imposed on the city.

Until the people of Del Norte County come to understand that regulations developed outside of our community are controlling us and unite to reject these dictatorial rules, we will not be free to choose how to run our community. The desire should be to have "law north of the Klamath," and the people of Del Norte should be it.

Joe Nathan Albertson

Crescent City