Steve Chittock

Competition is what America is all about

No more power to private insurance plans that already have too much power. I support a public option that will enable the government to offset the power that the private companies have abused so that they can continue to have insanely gross profits.

You should know that the so-called tea party folks were subsidized by the insurance folks. They do not representthe bulk of Americans who want reform and more options.

Competition is what America is all about and it is the public option which will not only make the uninsured finally have health care but also make private insurance companies rates come down to a more affordable level.

Annette Drager


Thanks to all those who helped resource center

Thanks to media coverage by The Daily Triplicate and BiCoastal Media, and the generosity of our community, the Del Norte Family Resource Center distributed over 400 backpacks filled with school supplies to local children!

We wish we could better express the simple joy of the children as they picked out backpacks. One little girl chose a particular backpack because it contained pink-handled safety scissors.

In these days of belt-tightening, the need for basics like school supplies is high and this effort would not have been possible if not for the generosity of this community. In particular, the Crescent City Jaycees and the Del Norte County Fair Board kicked off the School Supply Drive by being the first to donate. Individuals and businesses donated supplies and funds, alike.

Captura Ruby, 12, Julia Gausephol, 12, and Daychines Jones, 8, of the Seabreeze Apartments, took up a collection themselves and picked up supplies from other residents using a little, red wagon. We intend to recognize everyone that contributed in the paper - please look for our ad and thank each person on the list! They are part of what makes our community wonderful! Our heartfelt thanks to the community of Del Norte County!

Jennifer England, FRC Director

Cathy Tryon, FRC staff

Jessica Haas, FRC staff

Thanks to Councilwoman Donna Westfall for caring

We can't afford our city government of Mayor Kelly Schellong and City Council members Dennis Burns, Kathryn Murray and Charles Slert. I'm sorry to say I voted for some of them.

What's going on with the sewer plant? It would be nice to know! What's the money spent on, really? Just think it over when you're paying your sewer bills that will be going up each year.

Thank you, Councilwoman Donna Westfall, for caring. We need more like you!

Patricia Holcombe

Crescent City