Steve Chittock

Democrats are not responding to health care concerns

It is interesting that none of my Democratic representatives, Congressman Mike Thompson, Senators Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein, will respond to my concernsandensp;with the health care plans being proposed in the House and Senate.

I am sure my husband is only one of many residents of Del Norte County who are signed up with the Medicare Advantage Plan, Secure Horizons. With this plan my husband saves $36.70 monthly for Medicare Part D, prescription drug coverage, which is now free under Secure Horizons. With Secure Horizons he also pays only $10 per doctor visit regardless of what procedures or tests are performed. He also receives reduced ambulance andandensp;emergency room fees, plus many other benefits. These benefits are all at absolutely no cost to him.

All of the proposed health care plans will eliminate the subsidies to the insurance company offering these Medicare Advantageandensp;benefits through Secure Horizons. And, to the best of my knowledge, they offer nothing to replace these benefits that don't have significant costs to them.

I am outraged and it would certainly be nice if some other people would become concerned and contact our representatives. Maybe more voices expressed would be heard.

Laurel Marquart

Crescent City

Not since Stalin has a nation's media been so slavish to its leader

If I read one more letter to the editor whining about a political cartoon or article insensitive to President Obama or the far-left ideology, I'll scream.

What is itandensp;the leftists want, a total media blackout of all politicalandensp;speech notandensp;100 percent sympathetic to the agenda of our exalted ruler?andensp;Think about it, liberals,andensp;you're almost there! Not since the days of Joe Stalin has a nation's media been so totally slavish to its supreme leader.

Theandensp;political cartoon in question, theandensp;evil non-liberal one thatandensp;somehow slipped by this newspaper's usually vigilant editor, was just one in probably 50 of the more politically correct variety we normally find in these pages.

So, then,andensp;why the uproar?andensp;Truly, Democrats have nothing to fret about.andensp;The left has secured nearly 100 percent ofandensp;network TV news, the AP,andensp;virtually 100 percent of the nation's newspapers, every cable channel but Fox, and a total domination, with a few exceptions,andensp;of the nation's college campuses.andensp;Thus, progressive thought is omnipresent in all the usual mainstream organs of public discourse.

Moreover, liberals now have a far-left President and Congress to set the stage for a socialist government takeover of whateverandensp;modest sectors of the private sector they haven't already pounced on.

We live in pre-Orwellian times, and only a renaissance of informed public involvement in the voting process in 2010 will save this Republic from total disaster.

Carter Swart

Crescent City

Kudos to Westfall: If something is wrong let's get it right

Regarding John Janssen's letter of Sept. 1 ("Richard Miles in the minority on not wanting to hear any more about plant"), the reason why Richard Miles flip-flops, could it be because he sometimes has lunch with "everybody's" attorney? "Everybody's" attorney controls the whole county and he's not even elected.

Kudos to Donna Westfall. If something is wrong let's get it right.

We may be north of the Klamath now, but before, most of us were somewhere else.

Rachel Towe

Crescent City

Why all the uproar over political cartoon being deemed offensive?

What is all of this uproar about political cartoons being offensive and insensitive? They have been in The Triplicate for years, and now some people are complaining.

Supporters of President Bush had to put up with them for almost eight years. Those of you who support Obama are luckier, you only have to put up with them for another 3 1/2 years.

Sandy West

Crescent City