Steve Chittock

Choice to run controversial cartoon needs no apology

I saw the political cartoon that has caused so many comments, and I don't think you have to apologize for printing it. Instead, I think it was a good and timely choice considering all the extremes of emotion going on at that moment.

First of all, it's a political cartoon and by nature they are meant to depict the current political feelings and make some fun of what's going on (as long as it's not way over the line). And in this case, I feel it was poking fun at both sides of the spectrum and was a pretty accurate encapsulation of the mood going around about the president's school speech. It poked fun at the right wing conservatives for thinking that a school motivational speech would turn children into "commies," and it poked fun at the left wing liberals for seeming to imply that that was their (and the president's) ulterior motive.andensp;

I actually found it rather funny - because it really spoke to the controversy going on, and I thought it made fun of both sides of the issue (and I'm one of the right wing conservatives) - so thanks for putting that one in the paper.andensp;It was right on!

Lori Standring

Crescent City

Citizens of Crescent City should think about recalling Westfall

I have a simple question to ask the people who live within the city limits of Crescent City. Is it time we recall Donna Westfall? I believe there may be a number of reasons why the voters who live within the city should think about taking this action.

First, all her false claims she made about our wastewater treatment plant.

Then, the way she did not ask smart questions at our city budget hearings. Is she aware that the city's share of the transient occupancy tax is down by 2.5 percent from January through June of this year? What will the general fund look like at year's end? I have not heard her bring up the question of layoffs within the police department and our public works department.

Also, I would like to know if Dennis Burns and Kelly Schellong will be filing papers to run for City Council in 2010 if they are recalled. Donna, why should we waste the limited resources for a special election? Think about the cost. Why should we go though with your recall?

Maybe I should go to the county election office and pick up paperwork against you for wasting city funds. I deeply believe that there would be reasonable cause for citizens of the city to recall you.

Richard M. Miles

Crescent City

Rep. Thompson's justifications for health care reform are wrong

In response to Congressman Thompson's Triplicate front page article ("Thompson pushes health reform," Sept. 11), I find it necessary to clarify several points.

We have a record budget deficit of $1.38 trillion with one month to go for this fiscal year, and our congressman does not say one word about the irresponsible way Pres. Obama is spending money. Last year our congressman scolded Pres. Bush for having a $458 billion deficit.

The president and our congressman say the health care program will be fiscally neutral. When has any program our government starts been anywhere near fiscally neutral or operated at less than predicted cost?

Why start such a massive program when Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all on the verge of bankruptcy? Within eight years all three programs will take out more money than they take in, and by 2042 will be operating in the red.

What our congressman does not tell us is that due to regulations put in place by the federal government, health insurance companies cannot sell their insurance across state lines to foster competition, and that is one of the crucial reasons why insurance is so expensive.

This administration is continuing to pay off the lawyers by refusing to limit the types of suits that can be brought.

While the proponents of the five health care bills in Congress deny abortion will be included, they have refused to include specific wording in any of these bills to deny abortions at our expense.

Pres. Obama has stated that no illegal persons will get this health care, but how will anyone know when the liberals have made it illegal to ask for proof of citizenship.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, HR 3200 will cost at least $210 billion over a 10-year period, and after that it will skyrocket. Check it out at

We live in a free country, but to require us to buy insurance will take away one more free choice we used to make on our own. We need reform, but not by any administration. Remove the obstacles and let the free market work and prices will come down.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City