Steve Chittock

Actors should stay in theaters and out of our government

Throughout the years we as voters have had to contend with "wanna-be" politicians who were previously actors or actresses.

Just to name a few, they are Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Sonny Bono, Shirley Temple Black and Arnold Schwarzenegger - Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger being the worst and doing the most damage. And now it has recently been announced that Alec Baldwin, another actor, will be going into politics.

So far, no good has come out of electing these people. They go into politics using only what they know: acting! They all play the part, giving their speeches as if they're reading a script for a movie and can walk away afterward not caring about consequences.

These "wanna-be" politicians are using their acting skills to make the voters believe what they say, and acting is exactly what it is.

Like all politicians they make promises that are rarely kept. But for the "wanna-be" politicians who are actors, those promises mean nothing, like the parts they play. They can just read the script and go home, only this script is read to the voters.

Not one of these "wanna-be" politicians has made any conceivable changes for the good of the people, especially Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenandshy;egger. With Reagan we had to deal with "Reaganandshy;omics," and with Schwarzenegger, California is in a bad way. The children, elderly and needy now suffer.

We, as voters, do not need anymore "wanna-be" politicians who are actors. They only do damage! They need to stay in the theaters and out of our government.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Thanks to all who supported the Blackberry Festival

After all the excitement and hard work folks put into assembling the many sponsors and community organizations, we can all take a breath and truly recognize the efforts and support of those folks that helped realize the success of Klamath's first annual Blackberry Festival.

We cannot express our gratitude and appreciation enough for the support Klamath has received from The Triplicate and come close to do it justice. The many folks at The Triplicate have been gracious and thorough in their pre-event publicity and post-reporting of the Blackberry Festival. As a result of your participation, you can take great pride in your efforts and your contributions that made the first annual Blackberry Festival a big success on many levels.

We, in Klamath, measure success by how we meet our goals and obligations. It is the desire to engage and empower a community's involvement, an opportunity to bring different people together to share our talents, to learn a little about who we are as individuals and what we can accomplish together. These relationships support us every day when things go well and serve to unify us when faced with difficult challenges.

The funds which the Klamath Chamber of Commerce raises are used to entice travelers and visitors to our area. We publish a monthly newsletter, print visitor brochures and send out both visitor and relocation packages designed to inform folks from across the country what we have and what they can do when they arrive.

You, by your support, have enabled us to continue our efforts and to do more. For this, we extend our heart-felt appreciation for your contributions and support. We hope our 2010 Blackberry Festival is even larger and that we may depend upon your support in the future.

Paul Crandall, president

Klamath Chamber of Commerce

Close military bases, improve our standard of living at home

Our health care is worse than many poor nations just because of our primitive mentalities. We have more weapons than all countries together, and we still think they are not enough.

For me, it is a waste having 739 bases in over 100 nations causing pollution and prostitution, and stealing resources from around the world for over 60 years.

If we close those bases and bring the troops home, we could imitate peaceful nations and our standard of living would be the best.

Since I remember, we have been brainwashed by a primitive fanaticism against evolution, and if we never behave normally, the rest of the world would hate us forever.

Our fake patriotism has been destroying our economy and I believe we should leave the world in peace.

Samuel Rosa

Crescent City