Steve Chittock

Are some locals so oblivious to the foghorn's purpose?

After reading the letter regarding the Crescent City foghorn ("Foghorn is too loud," Sept. 17) I couldn't help but laugh to myself.

No the city can not turn off or turn down the volume of the foghorn Are some locals really that oblivious to its purpose?

We live in a town with a harbor. There are lighthouses and foghorns to avoid disastrous crashes. Sleep is not more important than the lives of our local fisherman. The harbor is the backbone of this town.

Joe Deere

Crescent City

We have many righteous residents who cast stones

"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone," John 8.7.

Many Crescent City people are pure and righteous and cast many stones. We should be very pleased that so many Crescent City residents are without sin and have the right to cast stones.

Miriam Felt

Crescent City

Teacher congratulates schools' test scores

As The Triplicate recently reported, test scores for many Del Norte County schools improved in the 2008-2009 school year, which means in this crazy economy, with families under tremendous stress, the education of our children still received priority.

I applaud Redwood School for its academic achievement of 800! I also applaud these schools for their growth: Margaret Keating, 83 points; Crescent Elk, 44 points; Joe Hamilton, 40 points; Pine Grove, 36 points; Bess Maxwell, 17 points; Mary Peacock, 12 points.

All of these schools met or exceeded their academic goals for California and, in most cases, the federal government. Let us as a united community celebrate our success, continue the good work, and find ways to support those who did not meet the goal.

From one who is proud to be a Del Norte teacher.

Becky George

Crescent City

Thanks to Stone Roofing for help getting out of jam

Do unto your neighbor as you would have them do unto you ... Well, I have pretty much given up on people helping others that are in need. But, I must say that we encountered some pretty caring people at Kellogg Beach.

I took my granddaughter and poodle to the beach to walk/run and collect stones. It was a beautiful day! I drove our F-150 truck up to the sandy beach edge, looking down at the surf, and thought I can drive down closer to the rocks - much easier to load if the truck is closer to the ocean.

I am sure you know where this is leading. The truck made it down to about 25 feet from the surf and started digging deeper and deeper into the soft wet sand. The granddaughter and dog were getting more than impatient to get started on our adventure. Needless to say, I could see that I wasn't going to be searching for stones or allowing the dog to chase the seagulls and birds at the water's edge. I would be there attempting to dig this truck out of the sand.

Several friendly folks stopped by to offer their help/gathering wood for under the tires/making calls to relatives asking for their help. I couldn't believe it ... I finally called my husband, with great remorse, and asked that he not lecture me but to bring wood for under tires and a cable or something. My oldest daughter, Jenny, came down and immediately started calling around for friends that might have a "big" truck that would be equipped to help us out of this ridiculous mess.

Well, she found two very nice young men with Stone Roofing who volunteered to come down and rescue us. These guys spent two hours digging/pulling/pushing/everything they could. It finally worked and the truck made it back to the paved area off the sand. The guys jumped in their truck, started up the engine and gave us a wave ... they would not accept any monetary payment for all of their work.

Well, needless to say, we will be using Stone Roofing when we have the new roof put on our grain shed and home. A big thank-you to all the kind folks who offered up their help today down at the beautiful Kellogg Beach. Most of all, thank you to Stone Roofing. You saved the day!

Melanie Jones

Crescent City

Layoffs suggest safety is not high priority for county

In response to the recent articles in this paper about the county's budget layoffs of less than 10 people, this decision - which by the way was voted on at least 15 minutes earlier than scheduled without an opportunity for public comment - suggests that the Board of Supervisors does not regard public safety as a high priority.

The board's decision - without even having public comment from the DA - reduced the District Attorney's Office to 1990 staffing levels.andensp; No one who works at the Flynn Center - the seat of county government -- is losing their job, all of those in eliminated positions at Flynn are being rehired with new job descriptions.andensp;

Mordechai Pelta

Deputy District Attorney

Crescent City

You can get all the sleep you want when you're dead

Regarding the Sept. 17 issue letter (Foghorn is too loud"), the writer states that the noise is taking away from her sleep and potentially affecting her health.

In the long ago, with all due respect to the dead, I complained to my doctor about being tired and sleepless. And this doctor was a "Gunsmoke" kind of doctor - he could pull bullets out of you and deliver babies. He could do almost anything. So he gets one inch from my face to address my complaint and says you can get all the rest you want when you're dead, now get out of my office.

To this day if I feel sleepless and tired I always remember what he said to me over 50 years ago. And guess what - don't feel tired no more.

In closing, I can guarantee you the foghorn will never be silenced unless the world ends tomorrow at sunrise. The foghorn is life.

Randy Shull

Crescent City

We want country back where founding fathers placed it

Are we racists for criticizing the current administration's policies? I think not!

Are there racists in America? I think so!

But don't call us racists because we don't agree with Obama's radical policies or his czars. And the President doesn't answer direct questions with direct answers - he hedges. So no wonder mainstream Americans don't trust him. We want our country back on track where our founding fathers placed it.

This racist label is getting very old where it is not warranted, and the only ones raising this issue are the liberals.

President Jimmy Carter: You are wrong! Yeah!

Patricia Thorpe

Crescent City

Frequent sirens make city appear as if it's in distress

I pose this question: Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

I have become increasingly annoyed with all the sirens going off and emergency vehicle traffic in our city. I believe it gives Crescent City the appearance of a city in constant distress.

I have been told from one city official that on any ambulance call, all available volunteer fire personnel are also dispatched to help out until the ambulance arrives. Although this may sound good on paper, in reality it has become a race for who is going to get there first.

I recently witnessed five emergency vehicles dispatched to a single call (a false alarm), all with sirens blaring, and all on the scene within seconds of each other.

Effectively, what this means is that we have many, many times the normal emergency vehicle traffic and noise of a normally run city.

Maybe I am just overly sensitive to the noise, but when my ears quit ringing, I would love to hear what others are thinking about this issue.

Darrin Worman

Brookings, Ore.