Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Van Deventer legacy project thanks all who supported it

The Ruby and Arthur Van Deventer legacy project would like to thank all the folks who came to the book signing of our book last Saturday! A bit of Del Norte history was made by the publishing of this book.

We thank The Daily Triplicate for the picture on Tuesday (the lady in the center was my dear wife, Dianne). We also thank all those who helped make the book possible. There were so many!

Rick Bennett


Thanks to donors, medical staff who helped R. Gregory

We the family of Robert Gregory would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the emergency staff and trauma team at Sutter Coast Hospital. A special thanks to Dr. Peterson, who preformed the surgery that saved Roberts life.

We would also like to thank all of the people who have donated and continue to donate money into the account set up at Coast Central Credit Union in Robert's name, so the family can be with Robert at this time.

As most people know Robert was brutally attacked in front of the museum when he was walking home the night of Aug. 14. The injuries he sustained were massive. He lost a section of his large intestine, a section of his bowel, and the major artery in his stomach was severed. Both of his cheeks, and his nose were broken, then he was left in the street to die.

We would especially like to thank the person who found Robert and called the ambulance.

Robert is still in a coma at UC Davis Medical Center. We are all appalled that this could happen in our town, please keep Robert in your prayers and, again, thanks to all of you.

Nicole and Chris Gregory

Ernest, Teena and Makayla Capshaw

Jack and Donna McCutcheon

State doesn't need another clueless wealthy governor

I see Meg Whitman announced her bid for governor of California by saying she wants to fire 40,000 state employees. Wow, that sounds like "compassionate conservatism" at its finest.

Of course, Whitman, being a billionaire, can't be concerned about the "little people" who just might be slightly affected when they lose their jobs, homes and futures. She also says she will create a bunch of new jobs by 2015. Maybe all the people who lost their jobs can camp out on her estate till then?

I really hope people will realize we do not need another clueless wealthy Republican as governor after seeing what Arnie has done to this state.

Michael Hawley-Jones

Crescent City

See Westfall's disruptiveness; see who you want to run city

This is my latest recall response to City Council member Donna Westfall and, I hope, the last.

Westfall has taken up far too much time with her political grandstanding. She is rehashing what the Grand Jury has investigated in depth on the wastewater treatment plant and it is time for the citizens of this community to put a stop to the waste of the taxpayers' money.

The Grand Jury and the state Fair Political Practices Commission have determined that there is no substance to the allegations of corruption or kickbacks. However, when she doesn't like an answer, she repeats her accusations, endlessly.

A resolution was passed 4-1 to censure Westfall after she asked a fellow council member and a department head if they were taking kickbacks in an open council meeting. Both recall efforts against me have been in retaliation for my taking a stand against her self-promotion and the misuse of the democratic process.

It is clear that she neither cares nor understands how democracy works. She disrupts every City Council meeting by her demonstrated manipulation and monopolizing of as much time as possible.

Come to a Council meeting, watch it on-line, or on channel 4, and see who you want to run your city.

Kathryn Murray

City Council member

Crescent City

Single-use trails are driving tourism, recreation away

Remember me?

I'm the tourist that used to see the harbor packed full with recreational fishing boats and RVs until the amount of days for fishing were curtailed.

I'm the tourist that used to see Tolowa Dunes and Kellogg Beach teeming with families having fun on the sands in the area until activities were severely curtailed.

I'm the tourist that used to enjoy and explore the Smith River National Recreation Area (NRA) until motor vehicle use was severely curtailed.

But, you know who else I am? I'm the tourist that doesn't come back! I'm the tourist that has found national and state parks outside of Del Norte County that want me to enjoy the public lands entrusted to them!

For instance, Oregon has 43 OHV trails, of which 30 of them are in state and national parks! Some of those, such as Prospect, Ore., have hundreds of miles of continuous multi-use trails.

As a local, I see tourists and their families drive through every day headed for somewhere else! Why?

Because the forestry and parks no longer have something spectacular to offer to everybody! It is apparent by the actions taken by the Redwood National and State Parks in past years that they are no longer interested in the economic welfare of Del Norte County and prefer to open single activity trails instead of multi-use trails.

But what if the national and state parks in Del Norte refrained from destroying and decommissioning roads and trails by removing culverts and cutting 5-foot-deep water bars, and instead spent the money on creating and maintaining multi-use trails?

Wouldn't a well-thought-out multi-use trail system in the Smith River NRA, Mill Creek Watershed and Tolowa Dunes attract tourists and their families back to the county? There are plenty of great examples around the country of OHV parks, with multi-use trails that have helped their respective counties prosper!

It amuses me to see the thousands of dollars spent each year trying to attract tourists to Del Norte that were already here in the first place.

When the state of California looks at its revenue generators, how many of the eight state park OHV multi-use areas do you think will be on the closure list?

So, just like the tourists, I'll just shake my head when I drive by the parks and see signs that say, "Closed, due to lack of multi-use trails."

Rod Roberts

Crescent City

Why should taxpayers pay for others' health care?

In response to Ralph Johansen's Sept. 17 letter ("Questions about health care"), if I were his representative, this is how I would answer his questions:

1) Why are our health care costs the highest of any industrialized countries? We have one of the highest standards of living and excellent medical facilities and training. Even our small local hospital has the newest and latest MRI and CAT scan machines. In other countries there are usually lengthy (months) waits for their use.

2) Why don't we ask those in the administration to ask other countries how to contain costs? Why ask someone there to explain his or her rationing system, or what procedures they provide? Just go to Oregon to see what procedures and medications are covered in their state plan. They prioritize illness and annually review where on the list to draw the line due to budget constraints.

3) If the Canadian system is so bad, why don't the Canadians vote to eliminate their system? When you are lined up to the public trough you don't vote to get out of line.

4) Why do foreign subsidiaries want us to have universal government health care? What better way is there to reduce employee costs?

5) If Medicare is so popular, why not give it to the rest of us? Medicare is going broke. Adding more to its rolls would be disastrous for all.

6) Why are our costs highest? See answer number 1.

7) Why allow health care companies to advertise, etc.? Why should they be treated any different than any other business, non-profit or government agency? They all advertise.

8) Why not share costs to reduce health care costs? Have at it! I personally don't want to share your health care costs.

9) Why is the industry fighting reform? They know they have one of the best systems and don't want to see it ruined by government intrusion. Just look at the post office or the DMV.

10) How are you going to vote? Against it!

I would then ask Mr. Johansen this question: Do you have health insurance? If not, why should I, a taxpayer, pay for your personal health care?

Jim Wisbauer

Crescent City