Steve Chittock

Gov. dropping plan to close parks is 'smoke and mirrors' again

The governor drops plan to close parks but is slowly strangling them to death.andensp; It is "smoke and mirrors" again! The California State Parks have been working with a staff level of the 1980s and reducing staff further is a sentence of death along with further reduction of maintenance, which has been deferred for decades!

Obviously the governor has not seen the reality of the "bare bones" budget handed to them as a token amount of money to operate one of the finest state park systems in this country!

It has already been made clear to the governor that closed parks only opens up pandora's box as far as liability suits for anyone getting hurt in them, suits by concessionaires and from broken contracts. Because the parks are closed for a few days, a week, month or a year does not mean theyandensp;won't need staff to do less than minimum protection of the resources and facilities. The parks can't be put upon a shelf to be dusted off at a later time.

I can attest to the previous cuts several times during my career as a California State Park ranger.andensp; I have seen the parks suffer from protection of the resources and facilities and the stress on the staff who are trying to hold the parks together with band-aids handed down from the Legislature and governor.andensp; I am aware of several park superintendents who had heart attacks as a result of the stress during some of the cuts of the '80s with the motto, "Do more with less!"andensp;The parks have been doing more with less each year.andensp; This is just another sham as far as the governor not closing parks, he is just using political mottos and false concern over closing parks and maintaining them for future generations to enjoy.andensp;

Richard Wendt


Councilwoman Murray better start keeping her agreements

I really respect someone who can shake your hand and do what they say they're going to do. Today in our society, that is a rare thing. Nowadays we need a written agreement, signed, witnessed, notarized and then all too often things end up in court.

If City Councilwoman Kathryn Murray wants to be taken seriously, she better start keeping her agreements. Westfall ended the last recall effort because Murray said she would be open to discussing the issues.

The sewer plant is certainly a big issue. Censuring Westfall for discussing corruption is not the way to go about this. I don't blame Westfall one bit for starting up another recall against Murray. If Murray is not keeping just this one agreement, it should come as no surprise that she won't keep her agreements to the people she says she serves.

Cassie M. Simonson

Crescent City

Embarrassed by the lack of civility associated with health care debate

Fellow citizens: Did you know that the wealthy top 1 percent in the U.S. have as many assets as the bottom 95 percent of the people in America combined? With that said, why are so many in the bottom 95 percent supporting insurance companies that take 30 percent off the top and pay their executives millions per year, then giving them a "golden parachute" when they leave?

Why can't the bottom 95 percent support "single-payer" heath care reform? I am on a "single-payer" program. It is called Medicare. I go to a physician that I personally chose as my primary care provider. I have been referred to specialists with no questions. I have never appeared before a "death panel." I have a Living Will and my doctor knows what my wishes are at the end of my life. And, if I decide I don't like my doctor, I can find another one.

So my friends: What is wrong with a "single-payer" system for all Americans? Those who object to health care reform are like lemmings being led over the edge of a cliff. The current waste in our system is unsustainable over time. As more and more Americans lose insurance, the lines at emergency rooms will get longer and longer. The greed and waste perpetrated by insurance companies in our current system is like cancer, it will eventually affect many more of your family and friends.

It is embarrassing to be an American when I see bigotry, hate and the lack of civility associated with the health-care reform movement.

Mike Schrum