Steve Chittock

Stand up for leadership, challenge Westfall's destructive nonsense

Sadly, the city has to endure more grandstanding, "shotgun theatrics" by Ms. Westfall and her cadre of misinformed followers. A fifth recall in four months; retaliation for her recent unanimous censureship by her colleagues.

Baseless, comical claims, grossly misrepresenting everything, perpetuating a charade of distractions. This is the Westfall pattern.

It's a power grab by a councilwoman who repeatedly has chosen to recklessly degrade, slander and accuse city leaders/staff when her misguided inquiries don't achieve her false expectations.

I'm a Southern California transplant (2001), just like Westfall. So, I'm an "outsider" versus "good old boy."

I've reviewed, challenged, and inquired into many issues with the wastewater treatment plant, as did the 2009 Grand Jury Report and the Fair Political Practices Commission, collecting, investigating, analyzing the facts, finding no alleged corruption/conspiracy. I'll abide with the facts and truths.

For eight years a resident and local architect, and as a sitting councilman, I have earned the respect of citizens as a constructive civic advocate.

Respect, results, bold actions and oversight, our citizens want and deserve leadership accountability of the highest standard.

The best interest of our city is at hand. Westfall chooses not to be a consensus builder, problem solver, but rather a self-serving divider of our city. She does not represent the majority. She has become a proactive enemy of our city.

Challenge! Stand up for forward-looking leadership. End this wasteful and destructive nonsense.

Charles Slert

City Council member

Crescent City

From Triplicate whine store: Westfall, foghorn and sirens

Welcome folks to Crescent City's new whine store. The store, known as The Daily Triplicate, can be found at 312 H St.

As you enter the store, you will be greeted by the friendly staff who are eager to help. You will be able to purchase your whines from over the counter, from a rack by the door and, in some cases, from a box near a store of your choice.

Today, I would like to tell you about three well known whines here in town. The first is a whine from a well known whine-maker known as Westfall. This whiner is good at making heady whines around town about spending too much money on water treatment plants, etc, ad nauseam.

My personal opinion is that this whiner should perhaps try and do up some Rodney King whine (Can't we all just get along?) before she branches out with her "Recall" whine she is playing with at this time. Hopefully, the whiner known as Westfall will consider other ways to make herself known around town.

For my next whine, I would like to suggest the D. Johnson Whinery, which puts out a robust little number called, "The Foghorn Is Too Loud." It would seem that D. Johnson would have us believe that the noise from our foghorn, which, by the way, is loud to protect lives and ships, might cause loss of life because of non-sleep.

If D. Johnson is so worried about the sound level, I would suggest going to the Crescent City Police Department and complain about some of the stereo systems in several cars around town.

Okay, third and last whinery for today will be the Worman Whinery. It seems that the head whiner here is a D. Worman who makes a great whine called "Ohmygawd, there goes another siren." I find this whine to be a bit watery due to the fact that sirens save lives.

I don't know about you, D. Worman, but I thank the heavens above every time I hear a siren because it means that someone is getting medical, fire or police help.

Well boys and girls, that's all for now on the Whinery scene. If you have any ideas about other Whineries, let your Triplicate Whine Store know and while you're at it, why not just subscribe? Just think, fresh whines talked about almost every day. What a deal.

William Turck

Crescent City

U.S. practically only Western nation without universal care

I am a tad upset over the lack of facts in ads on TV, radio, and magazines about President Obama's health care reform.

I believe the American population would not be as afraid of this if they realized that the U.S. is practically the only Western civilization that does not have universal health care.

In fact, everyone should be encouraged to watch Michael Moore's "Sicko."

Teri Markanson

Crescent City