Steve Chittock

Westfall does her homework

Regarding the Sept. 26 editorial, "A never-ending election season," I do not believe the views of the editor should have the overtones to try and make people feel guilty for supporting something they believe in. We voted Councilwoman Westfall in because of her stand against excessive spending of the city's money. She does her homework, she is intelligent, yet the Council chose to censure her.

If the editor was paying to put his own views in The Daily Triplicate, it would not have been so lengthy.

The same applies to the excessive spending of the City Council members. If the $42 million-plus for the wastewater treatment plant was coming out of their own personal account, you better believe there would have been more than one bid. More caution would have been taken, as I believe is the case with Councilwoman Westfall.

Often, once a candidate is elected, their views sometimes change along with their personalities. For some it takes a little longer. It seems to be the norm here. What gigantic force is at work?

My grandfather came to America from Germany as a young man and fought in the Civil War. I'm proud to be an American, where the people still have a say after the election is done.

Rachel Towe

Crescent City