Steve Chittock

Spirit of community is achieved through events like salmon dinner

Recently, there was an authentic smoked salmon dinner served at the art gallery in the harbor. Unfortunately I was not able to attend. But since then I have heard nothing but good things about that day.

So I would like to publicly say thank you to Sammy Gensaw and his family for initiating the event. Thank you to the harbor district for enthusiastically supporting the event. Thank you to the gallery membership for working the event. And thank you to the community for attending the dinner.

It's through wonderful events like this that a spirit of community is achieved, and we are all better for it.

Chuck Keeley, President

Crescent Harbor Gallery

Bruno's synergy must be working through us

This weekendandensp;marked the first anniversary of my nephew Bruno De Solenni's funeral, and while I placed some flowers on his grave, I thought of his wonderful personality and what a great loss his passing has createdandensp;in this small family and community.

His kind, extremely generous nature was often overlooked because of his witty humor and interesting communicative skills.andensp;Yet, the underlying quality of the "great giver" to his country and fellow men was aandensp;constantandensp;beacon to admire.

I recall the night before he left for Afganistan when he offered our Troop Support Group effort a thousand dollars to help keepandensp;our care boxes going because he realized how important they were to the many soldiers and marines doing the footwork at the front. We thanked him for his generosity and concern for his fellow soldiers and said we couldn't take his money; we felt he was already making the supreme commitment of putting his life on the line and that factor was a holy and patriotic one to us.andensp;We promised him we would find ways to keep us afloat and always help his unit and others.

The somber tone here turns to one of gratefulness when I think about why this year (our sixth)andensp;we decided to join the venders at the Farmers Market where Helen, Yvonne, Valerie, Calie and I have been every Saturday along with the wonderful venders and customers.andensp;Must be Bruno's synergy working through us!

Ron Philips has been a wonderful manager and helper throughout our venture at the market.

Christmas stockings are the next goal, and about 150 of them will cost some $750 in postage alone.andensp;Some of these will be going to Camp Pendelton to wounded sailors and marines. Phone cards will be included along with good munchies.

Jan Martin

Troop Support Group

Crescent City

We as a nation have a disease of fighting, like roosters

A letter from Mike Schrum ("Embarrassed by the lack of civility associated with health care debate," Sept. 30) was intelligently written. He should realize that we as a nation have a disease of fighting, like roosters.

Every nation I go to knows of our disease for domination of every country.

Besides supporting wars for many years, we feel happy paying taxes for weapons and defense contractors, etc.

In many nations people have the same quality of care as their leaders, but as our Congress has excellent care, they know well that we are the most stupid people on the globe.

I would be glad paying even 50 percent tax on my food, it would be cheaper than my health insurance.

Samuel Rosa

Crescent City

Concerned about sea lions rotting away at the beach

My wife and I moved here July 10, 1999, in a motor home to Harbor/Anchor RV Park and still live there. The first time we saw dead sea lions on the South Beach, I called the harbor and also the Crescent City Council about the stench. I was told by both that they must be left to go back to dust or wherever dead sea lions go. Nature's way.

The tide comes in, and they are left in puddles of seawater. Small children play in the puddles of water. Why should we wash our hands 10 or 15 times a day and avoid putting our hands to our mouth for health reasons, and these dead sea lions rotting away come in contact with all the children and adults, and one is unhealthy and the other is not?

I am 83 years old and I must have missed a whole bunch of physical hygiene classes when I grew up.

Victor O.Tatum

Crescent City