Steve Chittock

If you like theater, you will love LRT's 'The Fantastiks'

I had the privilege last week of attending the Lighthouse Repertory Theatre's rendition of the play, "The Fantastiks." I was wonderfully surprised. For a play that I have never seen before, it is going to rank as one of my favorites.

I was amazed at the life and expression brought to the stage by these actors. It was a small cast with simple sets and props, but I believe this only added to the enchantment of the story. This play is laid out in such a unique way that the viewer is caught up in their own imagination, or is reminded of a similar event that happened in their own life.

Each of the actors brought to the stage energy through their characters. I commend the director for his selection of the cast members. You can tell that the effort produced by each member, whether on or off stage, brought passion mixed with a whimsical touch of reality, blended with powerful song and poured onto the stage from their hearts. I was amazed by beautiful singing voices that were pleasant to hear.

I heard that one person in the audience has said that this play was one of the best they had seen LRT do, and a woman I met named Betty said that she had seen the movie and felt that this production was better than the movie. I, too, agree with these people.

If you like theater, you will love this play and the creativity exuded by all. I so much enjoyed it and now I know why this play has the distinction of being the longest-running "off-Broadway" show in history.

I live in Angels Camp, and this is the fifth LRT play I have attended. You are fortunate in this community to have such a wonderful repertory theater. I encourage you to see this show and support this great community arts company. I know you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was. It's fantastic!

Louise Kammerer

Angels Camp

Please be more sensitive to those suffering from nut allergies

I am disappointed with the supermarkets and bakeries here. They are insensitive to the fact that people like me suffer badly from nut allergies. Not to mention that not everybody likes nuts in their desserts.

Recently I was at a local chain supermarket and I just wanted a simple cake to celebrate my birthday with my family. I looked at all the labels and read all the fine print and every cake had nuts or nut oils in it. Not to mention I had to don my reading glasses to find out this information. The desserts were not clearly labeled for people that are shopping. All cookies, cakes and other treats were just covered in nuts.

Please be more sensitive to us Epi-pen users. Cut out nuts or at least label them properly and make some yummy treats for us. I don't want to have to resort to making all my own cakes and pastries and not be able to support local bakeries.

Sarah Dumas