Steve Chittock

Politicians need to support real health care reform

The insurance industry is launching desperate attacks to stop health reform from happening. It is fighting for its life. It has lots of money and is willing to spend it.

Let it die. We don't need it. The pharmaceutical companies should be cut in half. We can't afford them. We, as a country, can no longer afford to buy whatever they invent at prices designed to recover whatever they spend.

Tell, don't ask, Congressman Mike Thompson and our senators to support real health care reform.

David Owen


It is the same old mess with our local sewer plant

I have just been taken aback as of late. Yes, I do think that it is time to get down to making Crescent City and Del Norte County look like we are all above the mix, but we are not. At first I thought that it was prudent that someone shake up some of the problems with the city's sewer issues and twice the Grand Jury had to be involved!

If anyone remembers as I think I do, past council people were found to have not done their jobs, however they were gone and no one would be held to pay back this or that. Then there was the money in lieu of insurance that made the papers again. Now, it is the same old mess with the sewer issue. Even though I do not live in the city, I sometimes worry that if the city expands I might just be another person going broke to pay for stupid decisions that were made!

If anyone in the council is high-fiving each other, that Grand Jury was not really kind to any of you and I would hope that all would take time to make old business new business and make sure that there is never another article that states that our little part of the universe looked as bad as it did.

From there I would like to address the issue of the schools vs the Community Assistance Network in the gardening issues. If I would have known that the schools needed help with seeds or hand tools I would have donated! I am not a member of CAN and have only given to them once.

I have read some of what there mission has been in the letters to the editor and that is why I decided to give them a one-time donation. Their mission was to raise money to keep women and children off the streets and the list goes on and on! If a teacher wants donations all they have to do is ask!

Maybe the schools could do a registry on the same line as a bridal registry with a gentle reminder from our editor and the school could have some of their needs met! I don't want to have to choose between a community garden with job training with the mission of keeping roofs over the children's head, and the school having its own garden!

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City

Please re-examine this issue and save the cypresses

Cypress trees are indicative of a coastal town. To find a block-long grove of old-growth cypress is such an aesthetic, intertwined treasure.

Where is Save the Redwoods, Sierra Club, Friends of Del Norte, the usual groups who jump in and support these saving causes? I believe I spotted a rare butterfly that only nests in these cypress trees.

The trees should be saved. These "landmark trees" deserve to live out their life at the present location. The City Council should enact a stronger Landmark Tree ordinance to save these trees.

The trees are only available to injure people and fall on cars eight hours a day; the other 16 hours humankind is absent. A survey of damage the trees have done to autos and humanity in the last few years would be of interest.

This is a unique landmark in Crescent City. To have an agency from Sacramento dictate our aesthetic issues does not sit well with me.

Please, City Council, re-examine this issue and save the cypresses.

Joseph Lacey

Crescent City