Steve Chittock

'Fantastiks' production stimulates imagination like no other play

My family and I had the distinct pleasure of attending "The Fantastiks" on opening night. What a pleasure! This was truly a refreshing experience.

The simplicity of the sets and the unique way of handling the props by the Mute, Teri Basford, was very interesting and extremely effective. The spectator's imagination is stimulated as in no other play that I have seen.

Such a sweet love story, enhanced with great humor, and tragedy handled in a light manner is truly captivating.

The casting of characters was well done, utilizing the superb vocal abilities of Marshall Jones as El Gallo, the almost good bandit, Katie Graves, as the lovely 16-year-old Luisa, and Richie Espitia as the young next-door-neighbor college student.

The scheming fathers, played by Don Davis and Joey Young, also add a good humorous touch while the actors Henry (Dan McGlasson) and Henry (Luke Graves), and the security guards, Mike Olson and Chris Corpstein, add a light touch of the ridiculous for the audience's pleasure.

Be sure to take notice also of the custodial engineer, Vince Borg, during the intermission. He has some clever lines and actions.

It is easily understood why this play has been the longest-running show in the history of New York's professional theater, where it is in its 50th year of continuous performance. Don't miss it!

George Olson

Crescent City

Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Congress most unqualified group in history

I have been studying all the things that our President Obama and Democratic-controlled Congress are doing. Their actions remind me of the movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Leaders Harry Reid in the Senate, Nancy Pelosi in the Congress, and all the other Democratic committee heads have to be the most unqualified group in our country's history.

Look how bad our country has become the last two years they have been in charge. We know that our country has no money, most that we have we borrowed from China. This doesn't make any difference to Obama and the liberal Democrats that passed a stimulus package that was a failure. For $787 billion it had 9,000 earmarks.

He promised no earmarks. He promised to cut spending, another lie. He will be spending trillions of dollars.

Obama flew to Copenhagen, Denmark, to get the Olympics for Chicago, a stupid thing for a president to do when our country has two wars going on, unemployment at the worst in years, and his stupid health care program he's trying to railroad through.

I think one of Obama's dumbest ideas is his wanting to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison. This will cost billions of dollars in bringing these terrorists into our country in trials and securing them in our prisons, and nobody wants these terrorists in their cities. Every day our country spends over $1 billion, paid to other countries for oil. What's bad about this is our country has more oil than most of the others, but Obama wants no drilling for oil; he wants more windmills; oh, and small cars.

We could get a million more barrels of oil from Alaska each day, but animals are more important to liberals. Support our great country and our troops.

George Pantell

Crescent City

Putting veterans monuments in parks works well in other cities

I am writing in response to the Coastal Voices piece by Wendy Bertrand ("Rethink vet monument location," Oct. 13).

This September I had the privilege to travel over 2,000 miles in California, Oregon and Washington. My grandmother and I stopped at many beautiful small towns along the way, and at every one of them the same thought popped into my head: Why can't my hometown, Crescent City, do this?

I feel that Wendy was right on the mark about the site for the memorial. It won't get the same amount of visitors sitting at such a busy location. It will distract from the view of Elk Creek and the harbor. I hope those in charge can take a step back and recognize a great idea when they are given one!

This is one small step our city can take to become a great small, coastal town for visitors as long as the right people step up and say, "Sure, great idea, we were wrong, let's move it."

Just take a look at what Klamath Falls and Astoria already have, and what Florence is working on. Please just think about!

Caitlin Thurston

Hayward, Calif.