Steve Chittock

Monument could be built in no time at all without fault-finding

If those people who are finding fault with the veterans monument would help in making it a reality, it would happen in no time at all.

About the location, there is a sign literally in the S curve now, blocking the view of the creek. There are a number of places it can be seen from.

Fred Cox

Retired veteran

Crescent City

To the person who took my purse from the cart at Wal-Mart

To the person who took my purse from the cart at Wal-Mart on Friday at around 2 p.m., while my husband was putting our items in the car, you know who you are.

The items you took in my purse included a lifetime of memories, pictures of my children and grandchildren over the last 45 years that can never be replaced.

That day I had also removed several rings from my hand as my arthritis was bothering me. There were three rings in my purse; these also can never be replaced as they belonged to my beloved daughter, Debra, who passed away in 2001. One of the rings was a present to me on the last Mother's Day that she was alive.

The medicine, the checks, credit cards, Medicare card and other items are going to cost money and inconvenience to replace, but if you have not disposed of the pictures or rings, you have my address on my ID. Please consider mailing them to me. Some things are not replaceable.

For a few dollars, you have stolen my priceless memories and mementos.

Barbara Woodral

Crescent City

Obama began with nice ideas for peace, should bring troops home

When Obama became president the country was broke already. Most people in most nations are happy with his Nobel Peace Prize. Also, friends from Latin America, Europe and Asia called expressing their happiness.

Here, we are very quiet, especially in Crescent City. I thought we were patriots! Racists call themselves conservatives and they cannot handle a black president.

Rush Limbaugh said that Bush deserved such a prize. What? A killer winning a peace prize? Please Rush, every intelligent person knows that you are a liar, but being blind also is too much for you.

GOP fanaticism is allergic to the progress made in the 1930s, and at least all items were U.S.-made and good quality.

Perhaps Obama began with nice ideas for peace, and to complete them I believe he should bring the troops home.

As Congress is controlled by the corporations, I will not vote for any of them anymore.

Samuel Rosa

Crescent City

Thanks to response crews, citizens who helped at crash

Our family would like to say thank-you to the concerned citizens and emergency response crews for their assistance to our loved one who wrecked on Crescent City Hill on Saturday at 5 p.m. I was told she was one of the five emergency calls to Crescent Hill that day.

Due to a little luck and the promptness of emergency assistance, she walked away with only bumps and bruises. She was deeply touched by the caring and professional assistance that was given to her in a time of need. Also, thank you to the people who stopped and called 911 and stayed with her until the emergency personnel arrived.

Thank you to the Crescent Fire Department, Del Norte Ambulance and the California Highway Patrol, who had the scene organized within minutes. Their quick actions and much-needed support were, and still are, appreciated by the whole family.

Unfortunately we only know two names out of all the people that helped, but you know who you are. Dan and Dean, you guys are wonderful examples of what is great about our community.

Denise Padgette,

Amanda O'Connell and family

Smith River

Thanks to Crescent City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

We would like to thank all the staff at the Crescent City Nursing and Rehabilitation Hospital for the loving kindness, care and support to our family while Dad, Robert W. Farr, was a resident.

It takes very special people to do the job the CNAs, nurses, activities personnel, kitchen staff, laundry, cleaners and volunteers do, day in and day out, all year long.

The gratitude we feel toward all those involved in Dad's life journey can only be said in two inadequate, but heartfelt, words: thank you.

Dreama Farr Wetherell

Surprise, Ariz.

Vicky Oberle Farr