Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Treacherous Schwarzenegger has compromised gun rights

Have you heard the recent news about what Gov. Schwarzenegger did to California's law-abiding gun owners?

If not, get a load of this: Schwarzenegger went and signed AB962, the ammunition registration bill. This treacherous governor affixed his signature to the fiscally wasteful and useless so-called crime-fighting tool in spite of the fact that he had vetoed three nearly identical versions of it since his election in 2003.

By doing this Schwarzenegger ignored his promises to protect the Second Amendment rights of California's gun owners. He also brushed aside the fact that a federal version of this legislation was in effect for over 18 years, only to be repealed by the federal government as ineffective.

He broke his word and turned his back on people he had promised to support. Schwarzenegger has become an expert at stabbing his supporters in the back. If you have any doubt about this I suggest you talk to any of the correctional officers in this community.

Here is what happened: Schwarzenegger decided to hold for ransom over 700 bills passed by the state Legislature on the last day of the session (Sept. 11, 2009). He had some kind of major overhaul of the state's water system in mind but the Legislature hadn't been cooperative. So, he threatened to veto those 700 bills unless the Legislature started giving him what he wanted. He and his people spent the last few days before the veto deadline (Oct. 11) wheeling and dealing for support of his water project. In the case of AB962, Schwarzenegger traded his threatened veto of it to the bill's author in return for the author's support of the water project. In other words, all of the emails, phone calls and letters forwarded to Schwarzenegger pleading for him to veto the ill-conceived AB962 meant nothing. Our Second Amendment rights were simply a form of currency to him to be used to purchase something he wanted more.

Schwarzenegger is the most duplicitous, anti-Second Amendment governor California has ever had.

Wally Peets

Crescent City

I love to read Michele Thomas' stories - they make me laugh

Each week the readers of The Daily Triplicate get to see into the lives of Michele Grgas Thomas and her other half, Rick.

Recently, her three articles have made me laugh. Her stories on "square-foot gardening" made me think about how different a friend of mine and I are in gardening. I am like Michele. I throw seeds into the ground; what comes up, comes up. My friend is like Rick. She counts her seeds, puts them one by one into the ground and then she thins them out so that they are nicely spaced in her garden.

I had to laugh about Michele telling us that Rick is not a shopper. Bananas only. Bananas! Unlike Rick, I think I'm a good shopper. But, my friend for years has been telling me to read labels on food boxes and other items for health reasons. I do not always read the labels and don't buy in bulk. But, I bet Rick does.

The "Tin Fish" story made me laugh and cry at the same time. I think Michele was trying to tell us something that went over most readers of "From the Publisher's Desk."

Why can't we have a public restroom in downtown Crescent City? The other day I found myself downtown and the childhood feeling of the little boy's pee dance came over me from too much morning coffee. The only two public restrooms weren't open. The public restrooms at the library and National Parks were closed. I had to walk fast over to the courthouse and fight my way past all the smokers at the front doors of the H street side of the courthouse.

Where are the smoke police and why is no one picking up after them? They throw their smokes on the ground. Thank God, I finally found an open restroom. One thing Michele and Rick have learned together are where clean restrooms are when they travel.

It's time we had a clean restroom downtown. Was Michele in a nice way trying to tell us why men do not like to go shopping with their better half because we sometimes have to escape when nature calls? That's why I love reading her stories. They make me laugh.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Maine veterans memorial would be good idea here

Many years ago my wife and I flew to Maine to visit her parents in the town of Millinocket. Upon entering the town, we were impressed by seeing a lighted wall similar to the Vietnam Wall, but much smaller.

Upon the wall was each major war this country has fought and under those headings were the military rank, name and branch of service of each resident of that county that died while serving this country.

I certainly think that is a good idea for Crescent City to consider.

Craig Dauber

Crescent City