Steve Chittock

Obama's lies make him like every other politician

I wish to respond to Samuel Rosa's letter ("Obama began with nice ideas for peace, should bring troops home," Oct. 23). Please define how the country was "broke." Please support your statement that "Most people in most nations are happy with his Nobel Peace Prize." Please tell me how not supporting the political agenda of a black president makes someone a "racist."

I wish I had your ability to look into the hearts and souls of men and read their motives. Your opinion of Rush Limbaugh is your own so I won't comment. But to ask, "A killer winning a peace prize?" I remind you that the war is still being fought and Obama has been in office for nine months. By your definition does that not make him a killer too?

I agree with you that we should bring the troops home, if we will not fight the war to win. But the "nice ideas for peace" you speak of were campaign promises. If a candidate states one thing during the campaign but then does something different once in office, it is not a "nice idea," it is called a lie. A lie to get elected.

Obama is not the only politician who lies, but his lies make him like every other politician. I also agree that I will not vote for any incumbent in Congress. But not because they are controlled by corporations, but because they are only concerned with their own power and not the good of our country.

Joel Mansfield

San Francisco