Steve Chittock

Airport terminal perfect already; proposed terminal looks ugly

Crescent City has the prettiest and most convenient airport in the state. The terminal is small but adequate for our light traffic, and it's paid for. Parking is free.

Perfect, right? Yet now there's a big push for a new terminal. Beautiful trees would be replaced by pavement. The proposed new terminal is really ugly, too. It looks like a big goofy "Star Wars" set.

Vernon Strength


We are seeing constant attacks on Constitution inspired by God

Regarding the statement in the letter of Oct. 23 ("Obama began with nice ideas for peace, should bring troops home") that "racists call themselves conservatives and they cannot handle a black president," I do not believe his party's attempt to race-bait and accuse conservatives of such a narrow-minded view will be swallowed by fair-minded people who look objectively at both sides of the issue.

There will always be greed and corruption as long as there are those who want power and wealth and no one side has the market cornered on that one, from the local level to the national and international level.

In America we have been protected by a Constitution written by men surely inspired by God. Now we see constant attacks on this Constitution of the United States of America daily by those who pretend to be acting in our best interest but are, in reality, enemies of our freedom and our way of life.

Truly, there are many injustices that need to be made right, from the killing of our unborn by abortion to the plight of the poorest among us.

I am an American, I love my country and only want what is best for it. I try to listen to both sides of the issue. I am a conservative. To me that means to be civil in our discourse, patient and deliberate to bring about change that is good for our nation, uphold the law, lead our own lives with minimal government interference, and worshiping as we please, to name just a few.

I realize that there are many different points of view as to how we keep our country free, strong and safe, but we must talk to each other, respecting the other side's point of view. I believe that today Americans are basically "color blind." What does it matter if your skin is black, brown, yellow or white? We are all created by God and most of us will be judged by our actions, honesty, fair-mindedness and accomplishments. To hold onto anger because of the color of one's skin is self-defeating.

I respect your choice to blindly follow Obama because of the promise of a better tomorrow, but remember that there is another side to this story and it is worthy of your open-minded consideration.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City

Thanks to many people who helped us on Smith River

This letter is to thank a lot of people whose names I do not know.

Fishing on the Smith River on Sunday morning, Oct. 18, I swamped my drift boat due to low water conditions and bad judgment on my part. Going down a riffle into the Peacock hole, the fast water and rocks swamped my boat and washed my daughter, son-in-law and myself out of the boat.

There were people fishing on the bank that came to our rescue. Someone called 911 - thank you. There was an absolutely amazingly quick response by an ambulance, sheriff's officer, CHP officer, fire and rescue trucks, search and rescue trucks and people that were ready to help in an instant.

There is a couple that needs special thanks. She is a nurse at Pelican Bay State Prison. She cared for us with compassion and caring. Her husband transported us to our trucks and made sure we were safe. Thank you.

There was a fella in a kayak - thank you. There were two men in a drift boat - thank you. A man and a woman in a Jeep - thank you. By the time I got back with my truck and trailer, these people had my boat turned over and bailed out. As you can imagine, we had fishing gear all over that river. These same wonderful people had gathered up all they could and were waiting for us. I hope I have thanked everyone.

I want the folks of Del Norte County to know that we have wonderful emergency response teams and great, caring people.

Thank God for life vests; be sure and wear yours.

Rick Lawry

Crescent City