Steve Chittock

As a volunteer for the Sea Cruise Poker Run I met the nicest people

On Oct. 9, I was a volunteer for the Red Cross selling Poker Run tickets for the Sea Cruise. I met the nicest Crescent City people. Thank you for helping with the tickets.

And the most wonderful Sea Cruise volunteers made this old girl feel so very much a part of it all. Thank you for making my day.

Elisabeth Burrows

Crescent City

Steve Luis made impact on more lives than he can ever imagine

Crescent City is my hometown and although I now live in Redding I will never forget the community that helped mold me into the person I am today.

I have been very pleased with The Triplicate in the last few weeks for highlighting people who make a difference. On Oct. 21 you wrote an article on football coach Steve Luis. This man has made a huge impact on the youth of Del Norte County and has helped a lot of young individuals gain key tools for life.

I remember growing up Steve Luis was my brother's football coach for many of his youth football years and all of his high school years. He not only was a role model for these youth, he taught them respect, discipline, determination, all the essential tools for succeeding in life.

I personally would like to thank Steve Luis for his hard work and the many long hours he puts in for these children. He not only makes a difference in the children he coaches but he makes a difference in every person whose family member he has pushed to succeed.

I hope one day that my sons will have someone like Steve to look up to. Steve, thank you for all of your time and effort, your good deeds have made an impact on more lives than you can ever even imagine!

Stephanie Skinner