Steve Chittock

In old age we live on Medicare, Social Security: Leave them alone

I never thought I would say this in a letter. Social Security is something we pay into it for our old age to live on. When we get to 62 or 65 we qualify to collect it. And if we are lucky enough to live to 65, we can buy Medicare insurance.

Unlike other organizations where you work for a limited amount of years and retire with full pensions, and have your health care immediately. Leave Medicare and Social Security alone.

John F. Furgo Jr.

Crescent City

School District has been busing students from all over for years

In an article in the Tuesday issue of The Triplicate it was reported that School Board member Bob Berkowitz said it's not safe to bus students from outlying areas to Crescent City. If Bob said this (it is not in quotes), shame on you Bob.

In quotes, The Triplicate reports that Mr. Berkowitz says, "We would have kids on roads twice a day that are hazardous in the winter."

Del Norte Unified School District has been busing students from all the outlying areas and has done so for years and years, with a very good safety record. Yes, we even bus students in the winter, twice a day on roads that are hazardous with the possibility of rock slides, rain and snow.

We have been busing high school students and some middle school students to and from the outlying districts for a long, long time, and if it is that dangerous, why has the district been doing it?

We are driving the roads now, so that part of Mr Berkowitz' argument is fallacious. Is Mr Berkowitz suggesting we set up schools, K-12, in these outlying areas? Maybe we should retreat in time to the one-room schoolhouse, or rather many one-room school houses in all the outlying areas, to protect our students from the hazardous conditions.

George Layton

School bus driver

Crescent City

Demanding choice for a real, working health care system

We the people demand choice for a real, working health care system.

We will not accept Trigger. Trigger is Roy Rogers horse. We will not rustle Roy's horse. Whoa Trigger. Co-ops work as a place to buy our groceries. Co-ops will not work as a choice for real working health care. The idea of co-ops is a corporate pocket horse bathed in green bills - that horse pucky they can keep. Again, we the people demand a real choice for health care. A choice like a public option will force the predatory insurance companies to compete, like in a real democracy.

Ron Peterson


Thanks to Parkway Feed for staying open a little longer

I would like to send special thanks to the folks out at Parkway Feed.

They were kind enough to stay open a little longer so that I could buy antibiotics for my sick pup.

My pup is still with us and I am thankful for that, not sure if that would be the case if it were not for the antibiotics I bought.

Thanks a million, Parkway Feed!

Ruby Grubbs