Steve Chittock

Opinions in regard to music volume

Robert Eilert, in his letter published Thursday ("Turn down the volume in your thumping automobile") asks for opinions regarding music volume.andensp;Here is mine:

Music from an automobile is too loud when anyone outside of that automobile can hear it.

Music from a building is too loud when anyone outside of that building can hear it.

Music from someone's yard is too loud if the neighbors can hear it.

Music from within a public place, such as a park, is too loud if it disturbs anyone.

No one should be forced to endure other people's music.andensp;Didn't the ACLU determine that playing loud music to prisoners at Guantanomo was illegal torture?

The music that Mr. Eilert speaks of, glass-rattling thumping heard from blocks away, is obviously deliberate, premeditated aggravation for which the perpetrators deserve severe punishment.

It is difficult to understand why anyone would set out to annoy everyone within two or three blocks of wherever they happen to be.andensp;I think probably they are mostly young people from dysfunctional families and have never been taught proper civilized behavior.

And, perhaps, the loud music is a cry for attention. That little bit of understanding, however, does nothing to expand my tolerance of the damnable noise.

Clif Shepard